Features of watering ficus at home

Ficuses of all varieties are demanding on moisture. The key to successful cultivation of these plants at home is the use of high-quality water and compliance with the irrigation regime, which will be discussed below.

Features of growing ficus

The plant reacts poorly to excess moisture in the soil. Excessive watering turns it into a swamp, which causes root decay.

The temperature for growing in summer should fluctuate between +23 ... + 27 ° C, in winter - from +12 ° C. When caring for a plant, it is important to organize the right lighting, taking into account the specific features. Variegated specimens need brighter lighting than plain ones. But all species are afraid of direct sunlight.

Soil should be moistened by 50-60%, and air space - by 70%. In addition to watering, the plant needs regular spraying. Varieties with overall fleshy leaves are less demanding for spraying, but small-leaved ones need to be moistened repeatedly. In winter, at the height of the heating season, it is advisable to install a vessel with liquid next to the plant and periodically remove dust from the leaves with a damp sponge.

To form a branchy crown, ficus needs trimming. It is best to perform it during the period of active vegetation, then the flower will easily transfer the procedure. Important! Rubber-bearing ficus has poisonous juice - this must be taken into account when pruning. Getting on the skin, its juice causes burns. When young plants reach a height of 14 cm, pinching is performed. The shortening of the main stem stops its extension, and the plant begins to form lateral shoots.

Fertilizers are applied from the beginning of active vegetation until the end of autumn 2 times a month, in winter - once every 2 months. The alternation of mineral complexes for ficus and slurry is practiced.

How many times and how often to water the plant

How many times a week to water ficus depends on:

  • season
  • age of plants.

In winter

In the cold season, the movement of juice is slowed, so plants require less nutrients and moisture. Watering is carried out every 2 weeks if the air temperature is maintained within +12 ... + 15 ° C. At higher temperatures (+15 ... + 25 ° C), you need to moisten the soil every 10 days and install an air humidifier next to the flower. Did you know? In the homeland of elastic ficus, in the tropics, it is specially cultivated to create living bridges and crossings from aerial roots, on river banks and on rocky terrain. In winter, spraying and showering should be excluded, replacing these procedures with wiping the leaves with a wet swab.


Humidity in the summer is significantly reduced, so humidification during this period consists of the following measures:

  • watering - once a week;
  • spraying leaf blades and air around plants - 2-3 times a week;
  • warm shower - once a month.

What is the best way to water ficus

To moisten the soil and leaf blades, you need to use filtered water that does not contain chlorine, lime impurities and salts. When using tap water, it must be boiled before spraying. An important condition is the water temperature, the optimum performance is +20 ... 22 ° C.

How to properly water ficus at home

Given that most suction roots are located in the lower part of the tank, watering can be carried out according to one of two methods:

  1. The first involves watering the soil with a uniform distribution over the entire surface with a small stream until the liquid seeps through the drainage holes into the sump. Then the pan is drained and irrigated when the soil dries 2 cm in depth. Important! Ficus is more demanding on air humidity than soil.
  2. The second watering option involves keeping the pot with ficus in a bowl filled with water for 20 minutes.

After transplanting, plants need special care. Immediately after carrying out all the manipulations, the soil is moistened from the spray gun. Its structure should be loose. For 1-2 weeks after a dive, you need to give the plant a rest, periodically wiping its leaves from dust. The next watering can be carried out after drying of the upper soil layer to a depth of 4-5 cm. To maintain humidity, it is better to install a pallet with wet gravel at this time next to the pot.

Combination of fertilizing with watering

When caring for ficus, it is important to consider that the introduction of root and foliar mineral dressings in liquid form is also moisturizing. Top dressing is applied in the morning or in the evening 12 hours after watering. For example, watering is carried out in the evening, fertilizer is applied in the morning. It is necessary to calculate the rate of moisture in the soil.

Calculations are carried out individually, based on the flow rate of water per plant. For example, 2-3 l of water goes to a small ficus up to 1 m high, according to the instructions of the Bona forte fertilizer, 1.5 l of working solution must be added for ficus.

Actions are carried out as follows:

  1. In the evening, 0.5–1 l of water is introduced into the soil.
  2. In the morning, 1.5 l of fertilizer is applied by the root or extra root method.
According to the same principle, the calculation is carried out in case of organic fertilizer. Only in this case, it is better to apply fertilizer at the root in the evening, and to water in the morning.

Did you know? Rubber-bearing ficus is used in latex production.

Signs of improper watering

Improper watering immediately affects the external state and is dangerous for the death of the plant.

The main signs that indicate the need to adjust the humidification mode:

  • yellowing of the marginal part of the leaves with subsequent shedding, growth retardation - causes moisture deficiency;

  • decay of roots, leaves, crowns, the appearance of fungal diseases - causes an excess of moisture in the soil.

When growing ficuses, the main thing is to adhere to the rules of moisturizing. The main condition for successful cultivation is increased air humidity around the tree, within 70%, which can be supported by spraying or by placing humidifiers in the immediate vicinity of the plants.

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