Features of the use of cumin during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often change their taste preferences, as well as doubts about the benefits of the consumed products and their effects on pregnancy. Often there are doubts about spices. The greatest interest is black cumin, because in addition to cooking, there are many ways to use it.

Chemical composition

Cumin has a rich chemical composition:

  • A, α- and β-carotene B1;
  • B2;
  • B3 (PP);
  • B5;
  • B6;
  • B7 (H, biotin);
  • B9 (folic acid);
  • C;
  • D;
  • E;
  • K.
  • Na;
  • Ca;
  • Mg;
  • K;
  • P;
  • S.
Trace elements
  • Fe;
  • Mn;
  • Zn;
  • Cu;
  • Se.
Fatty acid
  • myristic;
  • myristinolein;
  • palm;
  • palmitoleic;
  • stearic;
  • oleic;
  • linoleic;
  • α- and γ-linolenic acid;
  • eicosene;
  • eicosatrienic;
  • arachidonic;
  • behenic;
  • docosadiene;
  • cervonic;
  • lignoceritone.
Amino acids
  • alanine;
  • arginine;
  • aspartic;
  • valine;
  • histidine;
  • glycine;
  • glutamine;
  • isoleucine;
  • leucine;
  • lysine;
  • methionine;
  • proline;
  • serine;
  • tyrosine;
  • threonine;
  • phenylalanine;
  • cysteine.
  • tannins;
  • resins;
  • phenolic compounds;
  • phenol panthenol;
  • flavonoid quercetin;
  • kempferol flavonoid;
  • flavonoid apigenin;
  • flavonoid luteolin;
  • caffeic acid.
Alcohols and ethers
  • aromatic trans-anethole;
  • aromatic ether pi-cymol; citronellol alcohol;
  • monoterpene alcohol terpineol;
  • triterpene alcohol taraserol.

And this is not a complete list of all the substances that make up the seasoning. Scientists do not stop studying the composition of spice and its effect on the human body. Since 1956, more than 200 studies of the properties of caraway seeds have been carried out.

Is it possible to eat caraway seeds during pregnancy?

There is no strict medical ban on the use of this spice during pregnancy. But doctors warn that the period of bearing a child is not the time for experiments. If the future mother did not eat this spice before, then you should not start.

Did you know? Caraway seeds have been used by people since the Neolithic and Mesolithic, as evidenced by archaeological research.

In the early stages

In the first trimester, you can not eat black cumin oil. It has a strong stimulating effect on the immune system. As a result of consumption, the body may try to reject the fetus, considering it to be a foreign body.

The use of caraway seeds as a seasoning is not contraindicated, the doses of the substance received in this form are too small to have a negative effect on the mother or fetus.

In the second trimester

For the same reasons as in the first, in the second trimester it is not recommended to take oil from this plant inside. However, caraway tea is not prohibited, which helps to cope with excessive gas formation. Baking with the seeds of this spice is also not contraindicated.

In late terms

In the last trimester, it is allowed to use caraway tea to combat heartburn and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! Caraway tea has a diuretic effect, so it should be taken with caution in the third trimester, since it is during this period that pregnant women begin to have problems with the genitourinary system due to the large weight of the fetus.

Some expectant mothers begin to drink squeezed from the seeds of this plant in the last week before childbirth in order to facilitate labor. It is believed that this oil contributes to a better opening of the uterus. However, scientific research on this issue has not been conducted, therefore, making such a decision, the expectant mother should weigh all the risks.

Is caraway useful during pregnancy?

With proper use of caraway seeds, there is much more benefit from it than harm. The main thing is to choose the right form and method of application. The daily consumption of the seeds of this plant will help in the fight against anemia and enrich the body with magnesium.

If there is no allergy, this oil is allowed for external use at any time during pregnancy. A couple of drops on the temple will help to cope with migraines. Did you know? In Latvia, cheese with caraway seeds is included in the register of national dishes. It has the name "Yanov Cheese" and is prepared only on holidays. In addition, it is used as a remedy for stretch marks. It is recommended to start using the product in the early stages of pregnancy. It should be rubbed into areas at risk of stretch marks: chest, thighs, abdomen.

Plant seeds improve metabolism, promote the development of pancreatic enzymes, help in the fight against constipation and bloating, and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Also, taking caraway seeds will help in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma.

Contraindications and Precautions

Despite all the benefits, the spice has contraindications.

  • Its daily dose must be limited to 25 g per day and should not be used by people:
  • with increased acidity of the stomach;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • diabetics;
  • having gallbladder disease.

External use of caraway seed oil is contraindicated in case of skin damage in the form of burns, erosion, ulcers.

Useful Tips

Cumin is used both externally and internally. The seeds of the plant are used in cooking as a seasoning and for making tea.

Important! Before taking a squeeze from caraway seeds, you should consult your doctor.

Pregnant women should follow the general recommendations when using them:

  1. To combat heartburn and increased gas formation, you can use caraway tea. To prepare it, mix 0.5 tsp. seeds with tea leaves, pour boiling water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. Take preferably in the morning.
  2. For external use, cold-pressed oil made from black cumin seeds is used. It has a tonic, softening effect, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  3. Caraway oil can be used inside. The daily dose is 2 tbsp. l It should be taken before meals in the morning and evening.

Cumin is a pantry of useful substances. If the pregnant woman is not allergic to it, then adding to food as a spice will only benefit. External application of the squeeze will also have a positive effect on the skin. However, the plant should not be considered as a drug. Before using the inside of the oil or tea from it, a pregnant woman should consult a doctor.

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