Features of the use of cilantro for men's health

Spices have long taken their deserved place on the man's table. One of them is cilantro (another name is coriander), which gained fame not only as a seasoning, but also as an effective aid to a man’s body.

The chemical composition and calorie content of coriander

The energy value of fresh green cilantro is 24.8 kcal per 100 grams, in a dry product calories are almost 10 times more. Its composition includes many useful elements and chemicals. Subsequently, the composition is indicated per 100 grams of product.

Vitamin Composition (in mg):amount
Beta carotene0.5
B1 (thiamine)0, 03
B2 (riboflavin)0, 03

Find out what is the nutritional value of cilantro.

Macro and trace elements (in mg):amount

The B / W / Y parameters are as follows:

  • proteins - 1.5;
  • fats - 0;
  • carbohydrates - 5.

Also, greens and roots contain monosaccharides, disaccharides, starch, ash and organic acids.

What is useful cilantro for men?

The plant is beneficial for men's health in almost all its aspects. Cilantro will help increase potency, improve skin condition and remove toxins from the body.

Did you know? It is difficult to overestimate the mythical significance of coriander - even in ancient times it was believed that if a woman had a drink on a man with a potion from this plant, then she would forever tie it to herself.

For the genitourinary system and potency

Problems in the intimate sphere cause a man not only physical discomfort, but also psychological discord. Cilantro greens has amazing properties that help to normalize urethra and sexual function.

There is no general recipe here, since it is recommended to use seeds and a bunch of greens daily in food. You can also use tinctures from the roots and leaves. The vitamins and elements that make up the plant bring relief in the fight against diseases of the genitourinary system and are an excellent prevention of their occurrence.

For the nervous system

Cilantro is able to calm the breakdown of the nervous system and relax anxiety. Pre-hysterical syndrome with modern irritants and lifestyle is characteristic not only for women - now men can experience it.

To reduce the load on the nervous system, you must include coriander in your daily diet. It can be a bunch of greens in a salad, a piece of root in a soup or grains in seasoning for meat. Remaining virtually invisible, this product has an excellent sedative effect.

You will be interested to know what the benefits and harms of cilantro are for a woman’s body.

For the gastrointestinal tract

Cilantro for the digestive system is a great helper.

  • Here are the main useful properties:
  • arousal of appetite;
  • improved digestion and absorption of food;
  • purification from toxins and bacteria;
  • helps in the fight against worms;
  • relieves the effects of alcohol poisoning.

For healthy hair and skin

Coriander is also used for cosmetic purposes. Its seeds and greens are part of the masks for skin and hair, creams and shampoos.

  • The beneficial effect of cilantro on the skin is as follows:
  • fight against eels and rash;
  • lightening age spots and freckles;
  • moisturizing dry skin;
  • toning fading skin;
  • strengthening hair and scalp.

Important! The aromatic components of coriander are included in the composition of perfumes and aphrodisiacs, which attract attention and increase attraction.

Rules and regulations for use

The plant, with all its beneficial properties, should be consumed in moderation. Greens can be added to the diet at the rate of no more than 35 g, and seeds no more than a couple of pinch per day. Herbs are added to salads, stews, and soups before serving. Seeds in whole or in ground form are an excellent addition to marinades for meat and fish, and are also great for dusting both bread and pastry.

In what areas is cilantro used?

The use of coriander is diverse, this multifaceted plant can be useful in many other areas of human activity. The use in cosmetology has already been mentioned above, but cilantro can also be beneficial in medicine - decoctions and tea from herbs or dried material remove toxins and radionuclides from the body and normalize digestion.

It is recommended to start collecting leaves at a time when the plant has not yet begun to bloom, and growth has reached 20 centimeters. Cosmetic masks and a rinse for rinsing hair after washing with cilantro help to relax the skin and give shine to the hair. Dried cilantro leaves are an excellent seasoning for meat dishes.

Contraindications and harm

Coriander has a number of contraindications, which limits its use.

The risk group includes people with the following diseases:

  • coronary heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • ulcerative formations;
  • blockage of veins.

Also, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Important! If there are any doubts about the correctness and necessity of taking cilantro, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

Storage rules

Like any greens, cilantro does not tolerate storage in high humidity. To extend the shelf life, the bundles need to be wrapped in clean paper and placed in the vegetable tray in the refrigerator, covered with cling film or plastic bags. The film is necessary so that the smell of grass does not spread through the refrigerator and is not absorbed into other products.

The shelf life is usually short, but if you want to use this greens for a long period of time, then the branches can be frozen in small batches and thawed as necessary. Dry cilantro is stored in the pantry in bags or hermetically sealed containers. Such a product can be stored until the next harvest.

Did you know? The name "coriander" comes from the Greek koriannon, which means "bug". Probably, the ancient Greeks associated the appearance of plant seeds with this insect.

Cilantro is an excellent herb, the useful qualities of which not only bring gastronomic pleasure, but also help from some functional disorders of the male body. A small amount of coriander in the daily diet of a man will help him keep his body in good shape and stay in good mood.

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