Features of storage of bee subpestilence

In folk medicine, beekeeping products such as propolis, honey, bee bread or bee venom have long been used. But not everyone knows that bee death is a unique and effective biological product. More about it later in the article.

Why and when do you need to collect death?

Under bee colony is meant bees that died for any reason. This product has many beneficial properties and is used to improve and strengthen the human body.

The beneficial effect is due to the presence of such substances:

  • melanin;
  • propolis;
  • bee venom;
  • vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, H, K;
  • citric, formic and other acids;
  • K, Mg, Ca, Fe, and other trace elements;
  • royal jelly and other useful components.
Did you know? To completely fill the honey goiter with nectar (this is about 40 mg), a bee needs to fly around at a time about 200 flowers of mustard or sainfoin, or up to 150 pieces of coriander or rapeseed flowers.

  • Due to the presence of the above substances, this bee product has a diverse healing effect:
  • accelerates regenerative (recovery) processes;
  • removes toxins and pathogens;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • improves vascular tone and lowers cholesterol;
  • normalizes blood sugar concentration;
  • stops inflammatory processes;
  • restores hormonal levels;
  • favorably affects all body systems.

Bees die all year round, but you should understand in more detail when and how to collect it most favorably.

There are several methods for getting dead bees:

  • When transporting beehives over long distances, many insects can die . They should not be thrown away, but can be collected and used for various purposes;
  • after wintering, you can get the greatest amount of product, since during this period the bees are in the hives, and after their death they are convenient to collect. To optimize this process, many beekeepers place special gratings in the hives, on which insects linger, but the rest of the garbage is sifted. In order for the dead bees to be successfully preserved, the room with the hives must be well ventilated;
  • during the active period, which lasts from spring to autumn, it is also possible to prepare scorching, but it will be less and harder to collect. Dead insects can be found on arrival boards, inside, on the roof or near hives. Such a product is considered the highest quality, since the bees of the summer collection are young, and this collection also contains drones;
  • culling weak families is another way to get a bee product. It is carried out by smoking with sulfur or starvation. In the latter case, all frames are removed from the hive and the bees die in 10 days.

Important! Winter death can contain stool of insects and various debris. Also, its quality is influenced by preventive autumn processing of bees from ticks, and these chemicals accumulate in insect organisms. This must be remembered when preparing such mortalities for treatment.

Do you need to dry out pain?

If dead insects are not used immediately for the preparation of various preparations, then for further storage they must be dried. Otherwise, the death can become moldy and become unsuitable for consumption. Before this, it should be sieved and all garbage removed.

Drying can be done in several ways:

  • in the oven at a temperature of about + 40 ... + 45 ° С. This is the fastest and most optimal way;
  • on battery;
  • in a well-ventilated attic;
  • in a drying cabinet (if one is available).

The resulting product must be properly stored, since its healing effect depends on it.

How to store death in the home

Dead bees should be free of mold and signs of decay. The scum should smell good.

Find out what are the features of treatment for bee death.

There are several methods for storing it:

  • dried bees can be placed in a tissue bag or box with holes . As such, they are kept in a dry room with good ventilation. Shelf life - from 1 to 2 years. The product should be checked regularly for mold;
  • if there is a lot of death, then experienced beekeepers advise to subject it to conservation . Sterile jars (preferably 0.5-liter) are filled with dried in the oven at + 40 ° C dead, and quickly rolled up. This method ensures sterility and eliminates moisture. Shelf life - up to 2 years;
  • dead insects can be preserved by freezing them in the freezer . But it should be remembered that thawing 1 time, you can not re-freeze it, so all useful properties are lost.

Bee subpestilence medicines

Bee killing is used both in its pure form and for the manufacture of various medications.


Lightly wrung out, steamed in hot water, the mass of insects is used in the form of compresses in such cases:

  • with mastitis;
  • in the treatment of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • with migraines;
  • atherosclerosis of blood vessels;
  • neurological diseases.
The steam is applied once and is not subject to reuse.


Widely used ointments from dead bees. The basis of this composition is any greasy base, for example, vegetable oil.

They are used for:

  • wound healing;
  • treatment of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
  • getting rid of lumbar, articular and muscle pain;
  • treatment of headaches and neurological diseases.

Did you know? The optimum amount of nectar is secreted by plants at a temperature of + 18 ... + 25 ° С, and at a temperature above + 38 ° С, most honey plants stop nectar production.

Ointments are stored in dark glass containers in the refrigerator for about six months.


Such a tool is practiced in the treatment of children and patients with digestive problems when alcohol tinctures cannot be used.

It is also effective in the following cases:

  • if necessary, increase immunity;
  • with prostate adenoma and other sexual disorders;
  • to strengthen the whole body.

The course of treatment can be long (from 6 months to a year), but the effectiveness reaches 80%. It is advisable to cook the broth in small quantities, since the shelf life in the refrigerator is no more than 3 days.

Oil tincture

When insisting crushed bee powder on any vegetable oil, an oil tincture is obtained.

Its effectiveness is manifested:

  • in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems;
  • in the treatment of colds;
  • with diseases of the kidneys, liver and genitourinary system;
  • for the treatment of joints.

When taken orally, the dose is 1 tbsp. l twice a day, 10-15 minutes before meals. For external use, the composition is rubbed into a sore spot or applied as a compress.

Alcohol tincture

This tool is more concentrated than a decoction, and is used to obtain a faster result. Tincture is prepared with alcohol or vodka.

It is recommended to use it when such problems occur:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • endocrine and neurological problems;
  • kidney disease
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • to increase immunity and vitality;
  • with impotence and frigidity;
  • to facilitate the course of complex diseases.

For joint pain, rheumatism, bruises and osteochondrosis, the drug is applied externally in the form of a grind.

Important! Before starting treatment with preparations from bee products, an allergy test should be performed. To do this, grind the dead bee on the bend of the elbow and wait a few minutes (5 - 7). If there is no redness of the skin, you can start using.

Shelf life and necessary conditions

All medicines with homemade bee mortem should be stored depending on the form of the preparation:

  • ointments can be stored in a cool place for up to 6 months;
  • alcohol tinctures are allowed for use for 2-3 years. They are kept in a dark place;
  • oil tinctures are stored no more than six months in the refrigerator;
  • shelf life of water decoction (in the refrigerator) - no more than 3 days;
  • the steam is not subject to storage and is used only 1 time.

We hope that in this article you will find answers to all your questions regarding the procurement, use and storage of bee subpestilence. Use drugs with this unique tool and be healthy!

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