Features of royal jelly for men

The restoration of the nation at the level of the state program, with the help of bee royal jelly, has been practiced by the Japanese for many years. In Japan, a number of studies have been carried out that have proved that this bee's vital product promotes body regeneration even if a person received a radiation dose. What is royal jelly, as well as how to use it for men, read below.

Did you know? Propolis in ancient Egypt was used to mummify human bodies.

What is royal jelly

This product is a special food that is produced by insect nurse in the maxillary glands. Royal jelly is the main nutrition of the uterus throughout its entire life cycle, as well as larvae at all stages of their development. The substance is a jelly-like white mass. Her taste is sharp, sour.

The chemical composition of milk

The product in question has a complex chemical composition, including:

  • albumin and globulin in a ratio of 2: 1;
  • protein compounds, similar in structure to blood proteins;
  • carbohydrate compounds represented by fructose, sucrose, glucose;
  • vitamins of group B, A, C, E, D, PP, H;
  • 15 free fatty acids;
  • hormonal compounds represented by testosterone, progesterone, estradiol;
  • pyruvic and lactic acids;
  • mineral salts;
  • a large number of trace elements;
  • acetylcholine;
  • lipids;
  • sterols;
  • decenic acids.

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Per 100 g of substance are:

Calories108.88 kcal
Mineral salts≥ 1%

What is useful royal jelly for men

The benefits of this product are hidden in its chemical composition. Acetylcholine is a quaternary derivative of choline. It is formed as a result of enzymatic synthesis in nerve cells of the human brain. It is a mediator responsible for coronary vasodilation and blood pressure regulation.

The peripheral action of the neurotransmitter when received from the outside manifests itself in a decrease in heart rate, increased gastrointestinal tract health, muscle contraction of the bronchi, gall and bladder due to vasodilation and increased secretory functions.

B vitamins improve the performance of all organs and systems, by enhancing the regenerative abilities of the body. Increase the body's ability to build and strengthen muscle fibers. Due to the strengthening of the muscle corset, the load on bone and cartilage tissues is reduced.

Did you know? Bee honey goiter holds 40 mg of nectar. To completely fill one toiler during the departure, you need to visit 200 flowers.

In addition, B vitamins are involved in the regeneration and formation of cells of the nervous system. Due to the improvement in the working capacity of the central nervous system, the hormonal background and the functionality of the endocrine system are regulated, which has a beneficial effect on potency.

Carbohydrate compounds normalize the production of useful energy by the body. Organic acids in combination with vitamins A, C, D help to improve the digestive system and restore the elasticity of all layers of the dermis. Such a tandem can also improve the functioning of the immune system.

Hormones that are contained in royal jelly beneficially affect the condition and functioning of the genitals.

In what form is it sold

Royal jelly is sold in 2 forms:

  • naive;
  • adsorbed.

The first form is the products obtained by the beekeeper in its original form, which did not undergo additional treatments, except for the necessary freezing. They get it by cutting off the wax cells together with the larvae inside or by pumping with a syringe.

In any case, in order to maintain the benefits of the product, it is necessary to carry out operational freezing of the substance at a temperature of -18 ...- 20 ° С. In this state, the milk lasts up to 12 months. At room temperature, the substance will deteriorate within 3 days.

Such products retain a maximum of useful properties, but should be stored under strictly regulated conditions, which greatly complicates the delivery to the buyer.

To convert to an adsorbed form, royal jelly is dried and then pulverized. Further, the concentrate is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. From powder substance produce tablets, capsules and granules. Such products are more convenient in operation and storage.

The most popular is royal jelly in granules, because its dosage is easiest to calculate. One granule contains 0.3 g of milk. Tableted and encapsulated preparations contain additional elements in their composition, therefore, they are considered less effective than a pure concentrate.

What helps and how to take it correctly

The daily dose depends on the body weight of a particular man. So for every 30 kg should be 0.3 g of bee product. It follows that a man with an average weight of 70 kg per day should consume 2 granules, representatives with a weight of 90 kg will need 3 granules.

Take the drug 30 minutes before breakfast, drinking plenty of water or resolving, under the tongue. The second option is preferable, because useful substances spread faster in the body.

Important! Granules should be taken in the morning or divided into several doses so that the latter is carried out at least 5 hours before bedtime.

  • Indications for use of the product for men:
  • post-stress syndrome and neurotic abnormalities - course 3 months;
  • gastrointestinal problems - a course of 1-2 months, depending on the intensity of the lesions;
  • in case of impotence - a course of 3 months, then a month break and a course again, for a year they do 3 courses;
  • in case of infertility - the duration of admission is 3 months, then interim tests are taken, and then on the basis of them an extension of the course is prescribed or it is agreed to cancel the drug;
  • frequent acute respiratory viral infections, asthma (provoked by frequent infectious diseases, but not allergies), bronchitis, rhinitis, tuberculosis - duration of intake is 3-5 months, then a two-month break and a course repeat;
  • skin problems (dermatitis, eczema, acne) - taken in courses of 21 days with an interval between them of 14 days for 6 months.

How can I use for cosmetic purposes

The bee product is also effective in eliminating cosmetic problems. Due to its rich composition, it helps to improve the state of the dermis, restoring tone by stimulating the production of collagen compounds.

Using bee milk for cosmetic purposes, do not refuse to take it inside - the effect will be achieved much faster.

For hair

Many men suffer from baldness and gray hair at the age of 30. Stress and constant overwork at work contribute to the rapid wear of the body. You can restore the structure of the hair and activate their growth by adding 1 granule of the drug to the shampoo that you use constantly.

For face

Due to the stiff bristles on the face, men often get irritation. To correct the situation, applying after shaving a nourishing mask will help. To do this, mix 3 drops of royal jelly or put one granule on the same amount of aloe juice.

The composition is mixed and applied to the skin after shaving. After 15 minutes, wash off the composition with warm water. The same composition will help get rid of acne in adolescents. In this case, the mask is applied every 3 days, a couple of hours before bedtime.

For body skin

Royal jelly is also very beneficial for the skin of the whole body. For example, if it is weathered, or a large number of calluses appear on the hands. To moisturize and improve the regenerative abilities of the skin, they take an ordinary baby cream and add 5 drops of milk and 2 drops of retinol acetate in an oil solution to it.

This composition is used as necessary, lubricating the affected areas of the skin. When peeling, you can apply this composition to the whole body once a week after a shower. See also the features of royal jelly for women.

Contraindications and side effects

  • It is not worth using the products in question in any of the following pathologies:
  • allergy to honey and pollen;
  • high blood coagulation rate;
  • nervous overexcitation;
  • infections in the acute period;
  • dysfunction of the adrenal cortex.

Side effects are observed when the dosage is exceeded or if the person does not know about the presence of one of the above problems.

The main manifestations signaling the urgent withdrawal of the drug:

  • dry mouth
  • upset stool;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • tearing;
  • bronchospasm;
  • nervous agitation, trouble sleeping.

How to store bee milk at home

Pharmaceutical products based on royal jelly, i.e. in an adsorbed form, are stored in tightly sealed factory packaging in a cool, dry place. The optimum temperature for storage is up to + 20 ° C, humidity is within 50%. Frozen substance is stored in the freezer at a temperature of -18 ...- 20 ° С. It is impermissible to defrost products and then freeze them again.

Did you know? Overcoming the rough surface, a bee can drag a load up to 320 times the weight of its own body. For comparison, a horse is capable of pulling a load of weight similar to its own body.

Royal jelly is a unique product with a complex chemical composition. It is a harmonious combination of a large number of elements that determines its effect on human health. The main thing is to choose the right form of milk for consumption and not exceed the recommended dose.

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