Features of a money tree transplant at home

For the money tree to grow and develop well, you need to know when and how to repot, water and fertilize this representative of succulents. What conditions need to be provided, and what to look for when transplanting - read about it below.

How to determine if a money tree needs a transplant?

Money tree (Crassula, Crassula) refers to succulent plants, unpretentious in care. It is believed that it attracts financial well-being and success. This makes the wearer more responsive to the needs of the plant. In order for the money to “flow”, the plant must be healthy and well-groomed, its rounded leaves - resilient, thick and similar to the coins that it attracts to the house. Transplanting according to the rules will safely affect the growth, health of the tree and strengthen its energy.

It is not difficult to determine the need for a succulent transplant. If the plant is young, it must be done annually for three years. An adult tree is replanted every 3-4 years when it slows down due to the gradual depletion of the soil. An unplanned transplant may be required if the fat girl has grown greatly and it has become crowded in an old pot. You can determine this by taking it out of the pot and examining the roots. If the roots surround the earthen lump and protrude out of the drainage hole, you need a larger pot.

Did you know? Attraction of money by a fat woman is considered by many to be fantasy, but the successful use of a plant in folk medicine is an undeniable reality. The juice of its leaves is used in the treatment of inflammation of the skin, nail fungus and herpes.

The cause for an emergency transplant is root disease. In this case, it is necessary to remove all the rotten and dead parts of the plant, and sprinkle the sections with charcoal. The soil is completely changed to a new one.

When and how often to transplant a plant?

The right time for a planned transplant can be guided by both the needs of the plant itself and the recommendations of the lunar calendar. It is better to do this in spring or summer, so that in July – August the tree will adapt and get used to new conditions, because in the fall it will begin to prepare for rest. The table of favorable days of the lunar calendar takes into account the phases of the moon and seasonal biorhythms of plants and will help you choose which day is best to transplant. The period of the growing moon is important, and the preferred day of the week is Wednesday.

Transplant Preparation

For a transplant, you will need a pre-purchased new pot, preferably a red or green (money) shade, fresh soil and a set of tools.

Capacity selection

The new capacity for the plant should be selected 1-2 cm more than the previous one, while the diameter of the pot should not be wider than the crown of the tree. It is small in height because the roots of the plant grow near the surface. The material from which the container is made is recommended to be selected from ceramics or clay, they “breathe” well and pass moisture. Their massiveness also adds resilience to a sprawling tree.

You will be interested to know how to properly plant and grow a shoot of a money tree.

Soil requirements

For transplanting, you can buy ready-made soil in the store or prepare it yourself (mix sand, turf and sheet soil, taken equally). Crassula is preferred alkaline soil, which can reduce the acidity of charcoal.

The quality of the drainage is important, since excess moisture is harmful to the plant. The size of the fractions is chosen so that the drainage does not wake up through the hole.

How to transplant a money tree into another pot?

For transplantation, you need to prepare such materials and tools:

  • new pot;
  • drainage;
  • soil mixture;
  • water for irrigation;
  • transplanted plant.
Transplantation is carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. Pour a 1-2 cm thick drainage layer into the prepared pot, depending on the size of the container.
  2. Fill a third of the volume with fresh soil, forming a depression in the center.
  3. Carefully remove the fat girl from the pot. In order not to damage the roots, the earth should not be shaken off them. The tree trunk itself should be held carefully, as it is fragile and can break.
  4. Place the root lump in the formed fossa. Gently fill the empty seats with soil, without covering the root neck. It is not necessary to press and compact the ground strongly, its level should be 1-2 cm below the edge of the pot.
  5. Pour vase with settled water at room temperature.

Video: Money Tree Transplant (Crassula)

Features of post-transplant care

After transplanting, the pot is transferred to partial shade for the plants to get used to the changed conditions. After 2 weeks, you can put in a permanent place. To attract money, often tie red ribbons on a tree branch or hang coins on red threads.

Location and conditions of detention

Crassula hails from Africa and therefore needs a lot of natural light. To prevent branches from stretching and thinning, it must be kept on the east or south window. If desired, in the summer or heat, you can take out into the fresh air - a loggia, a balcony or a garden. Optimum air temperature up to + 28 ° С, without additional humidification.

Important! The tree tolerates the sun well, but still needs shading. Otherwise, the leaves will get burns, and the crassula will lose its decorative effect. During cold weather, you need to ensure that the temperature in the room does not fall below + 10 ° C, otherwise the plant may begin to hurt, the appearance of fungal infections. If there is not enough natural light, you should move the pot to the southern windowsill. The use of lamps of artificial lighting is also allowed.

Watering and fertilizer

Fertilize the plant in spring and summer, when it grows intensively. Use fertilizers for cacti or succulents, which you can buy in the store. The frequency of feeding is once a month in warm time, and no more than once in winter (only diluted solution is used). After transplantation, it is recommended to fertilize the fat woman not earlier than in 1-2 months.

The tree needs moderate watering. In summer, once a week is enough, in extreme heat every five days. In winter, a period of drought occurs in the succulent in the homeland, because watering is reduced to a minimum.

Important! Make sure that the water in the pan does not stagnate. With excessive watering, damage to the roots of the Crassula rot and fungal infection will begin.

Crown formation

If you follow the rules of care, the fat woman will appreciate a good and fast growth, aesthetic appearance and attractive crown. For a lush and uniform growth of branches, you need to periodically turn the pot from different sides to the light source, otherwise the succulent will grow one-sided and unstable.

You can achieve an elegant form by pinching the plant. It consists in the fact that on the first shoot, and then on all the following branches, the upper bud is nipped off after the growth of several pairs of leaves, preferably not more than four. After this, the shoot usually grows already two branches, which leads to the formation of a neat spherical crown and does not harm the plant.

Breeding methods

Crassula propagates in several ways: by cuttings, leaves or seeds. The most common and easy way is with cuttings, since leaves are long, troublesome and not always successful, and it is problematic to wait for seeds, since a tree can bloom only for 10-15 years of life.

In any case, the time for reproduction is selected in the spring, during the period of active growth. Healthy and well-developed apical or lateral processes 10–12 cm long with three to four pairs of leaves are suitable for cuttings. The cut points on the cuttings and the mother plant should be sprinkled with charcoal to avoid rotting. Root cuttings can be in water, earth, coarse sand or perlite. In water, cuttings take root faster than in the substrate. Adding a few drops of the stimulant to the roots will speed up the process.

What problems can arise during transplantation?

Sometimes the mistakes made during the transplant lead to problems that affect the health of the money tree, lead to the loss of its energy and communication with the owners of the house in which it grows.

Did you know? There is an opinion that Crassula is so closely connected with its owner that it gets sick and recovers with it, absorbing both positive and negative energy.

With improper soil composition, plant growth slows down. A large pot, excessive watering or keeping at low temperature will cause rotting of the roots and shoots. Direct sunlight can cause leaf burns on a fragile plant. If you do not violate the simple rules of care, the money tree will grow large, strong and will attract wealth and good fortune to the house.

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