Features of the greenhouse Vintage PC polycarbonate

Among the wide variety of greenhouses, the Harvest PC model can be distinguished: the design has many advantages, which attracts gardeners and gardeners. About the features of this greenhouse, its size and drawings for the assembly, read below in the article.

The main features of the Greenhouse Vintage PC

Greenhouse Harvest PC is an arch shape design coated with polycarbonate. The construction is equipped with window leaves and a doorway, which allows you to regularly ventilate the plantings. Each module has a length of 2 m.

Did you know? Icelandic farmers take advantage of local natural resources and build greenhouse rooms with natural heating near the geysers.

An optional extension of 2 m is provided with additional modules. Also, at the request of the gardener, you can install lateral opening windows and partitions to delimit planted crops. This type should not be confused with the Crop Plus greenhouse, which is smaller and covered with non-woven material.


  • The design has many advantages:
  • the structure is easy to assemble;
  • the frame is galvanized, which is why it is protected against corrosion;
  • there are several options of various lengths with the ability to increase the area using two-meter inserts;
  • polycarbonate sheets do not need to be drilled with self-tapping screws, since clamping tapes are needed for fastening;
  • end walls are equipped with ventilation openings;
  • the structure is durable, withstands wind gusts of up to 20 m / s and a snow load of up to 20 kg / m²;
  • if you do not establish the foundation, the structure can be easily moved around the site;
  • high thermal insulation indicators allow to plant seedlings in March - April;
  • Warranty for operation up to 20 years.


  • Greenhouse Vintage PC made of polycarbonate has two main disadvantages:
  • for the winter it is recommended to assemble the structure, attach supporting struts inside or cover it with a canopy;
  • during operation during rain, moisture from the upper edge of the window leaves on the plants.

However, these disadvantages are relative. If desired, the gardener can solve these problems.

Selection of drawings and optimal greenhouse sizes

The minimum size of the greenhouse Harvest PC is 4 m.

Design parameters as standard:

  • length - 4 m;
  • width - 3 m;
  • height - 2.15 m.

In the kit for the construction of a 4-meter greenhouse 3 sheets of cellular polycarbonate in the form of rolls 2.1 m in length and 60–90 cm in diameter. The material thickness is 4 mm.

Did you know? The first greenhouses in Russia began to be built as directed by Peter I.

If desired, the structure can be increased in length to 6 meters or more. To do this, just attach a two-meter extension. When choosing a drawing, pay attention to the distance between the arches. This indicator should be 65 cm, which is the most suitable length for the specified thickness of the material. The width of the doors according to the manufacturer’s drawing is 90 cm.

The end walls for the basic four-meter structure before installation must be cut according to the following drawing:

How to make a polycarbonate greenhouse at home

When ordering a greenhouse design Harvest PC, the manufacturer sends all the details in packaged form. An instruction is attached to the disassembled greenhouse, which allows you to easily and quickly assemble the structure with your own hands. However, before assembly, it is necessary to understand the foundation issue and prepare all the details.

Greenhouse "Harvest PC"

Foundation selection

Greenhouse Harvest polycarbonate PC can be installed without foundation. This option is possible during summer operation. In cases where the greenhouse is not planned to be assembled for the winter or there is a desire to initially strengthen the structure, it is recommended to build the foundation - this will make the structure more durable.

Learn more about the features and the choice of foundation for the greenhouse.

The foundation is set as follows:

  1. Dig 10 holes around the perimeter: 4 at the corners of the greenhouse, 1 at the center of the end walls and 2 at the side. The optimal parameters of the pits are a width and a length of 0.5 m, a depth of 0.6 m.
  2. Pour sand at the bottom of the excavated pits.
  3. Pour the previously prepared cement mortar onto a sand pillow.
  4. Attach a 50 × 150 mm timber frame to concrete posts around the perimeter of the structure.

A simpler design involves the use of T-shaped fasteners. They are driven into the ground instead of concrete posts.

Greenhouse assembly instructions

Installation of the structure occurs after unpacking all the parts and cutting the polycarbonate sheet for the end walls according to the above drawing. When all the elements of the greenhouse are ready, you can proceed with the assembly.

Collect the greenhouse Harvest PC according to the following instructions:

  1. Install the frame from the V-like steel profile for the end walls according to the drawing.
  2. Attach the arcuate skeleton of the ceiling and walls with a cross bar.
  3. Attach the cut polycarbonate to the end frame with M4 nuts and M4 × 14 and M4 × 25 screws.
  4. Fix the top cover to each arched opening with clamping ties.
Important! Install cellular polycarbonate outward only with the side that is protected from UV exposure.

Video: Greenhouse from the V shaped profile Urozhay-PK-4, assembly

Greenhouse Care and Maintenance Tips

Among the minuses of the greenhouse are the vents, which do not fully protect the plantings from the rain: drops fall inside through their upper edge.

This disadvantage can be eliminated in two ways:

  • attach a rubber gasket around the perimeter of the window;
  • glue a plastic corner bent in the form of a house to the edge of the hole so that moisture flows down it.

With sharp gusts of wind with a speed above 20 m / s, the fasteners can weaken. Do not forget to tighten the nuts periodically or replace the mounting materials with new ones. Greenhouses Harvest PCs operate in the summer.

By winter, many farmers assemble the building to avoid skeleton deformation under the weight of snow. To do this, unscrew the screed and remove the polycarbonate.

If there is no way to collect a greenhouse for the winter, the structure can be covered with a canopy. Shelter is built of four supports on the corners of the building, to which the roof is attached. You can also strengthen the frame with supporting struts in the shape of the letter T, which are installed inside the structure every meter. When the threat of frost and snow finally passes, the canopy is removed. The soil in the greenhouse before planting new crops should be dug up.

Important! A greenhouse that is not dismantled for the winter is left with open windows and doors for constant ventilation of the room.

The main advantage of the Greenhouse Harvest PC is the simplicity of assembly: to assemble a structure from individual parts is possible for each grower. With proper operation, the greenhouse will serve the farmer for a long time and will contribute to the annual production of a rich harvest.

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