Features of drying apples in an electric dryer

One common fruit is an apple. Today, doctors recommend consuming at least one fruit per day to enrich the body with vitamins. If you introduce it into your daily diet, you can protect yourself from diseases of the cardiovascular system, prevent the onset of cancer, reduce blood sugar, and improve digestion. One of the ways to provide yourself with this useful product at any time of the year is to procure it for future use with an electric dryer.

Rules for choosing a variety of apples for drying

For this method of harvesting fruits, it is recommended to choose autumn varieties with sourness, because sweet species often do not have a pronounced taste after drying.

Important! The main thing is that the fruits should be without rot and damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of drying fruits in an electric dryer

An electric dryer has been used for several years to preserve the crop. This appliance is used for drying vegetables and fruits.

  • Advantages of the procurement of products in an electric dryer:
    • the naturalness of the product is preserved - additives are not used in the process;
    • simplification of the procurement process - just cut the product and put on a pallet;
    • uniform processing - all chopped parts are dried equally.

  • Minuses:
  • The cost of electricity is one of the disadvantages.

How to dry apples in a dryer?

Even for such a simple device as an electric dryer, there are certain procurement methods.

Learn how to store dried apples for the winter at home.

How to chop fruit?

Before cutting the fruit, it must be washed and wiped, since excess moisture can increase the duration of the process. After that, it is necessary to remove the core and cut into slices or circles no thicker than 0.5 cm.

How long does it take to dry?

The duration of the procedure at the right temperature is at least 8 hours. In order for the fruits to dry evenly, it is necessary to swap the pallets every 2 hours. In order to find out if the pieces are ready, just look at them and touch them. Dried slices will no longer stick to your hands, and the skin will become darker.

Important! The dryer must not be left with the lid closed and the fruit ready. They can accumulate excess moisture, and the process will have to be repeated.

At what temperature?

A regulator should be installed on the device within +70 ... + 80 ° С. At higher temperatures, some beneficial substances may be released from the product.

How much energy is wasted?

It depends on the power consumed by the dryer. On average, 5 kW is spent for 10 hours of continuous operation of the device.

Did you know? Dried apples enhance memory and mental abilities.

How to store dried apples?

The most optimal storage method is glassware with tight-fitting lids.

With proper preparation, dried apples can be stored for about two years. Thus, you can please relatives and friends in winter with a delicious dried fruit compote or pie.

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