Features of Apimax for bees

For many people, beekeeping is a favorite pastime, allowing you to get sweet and healthy honey. But sometimes in the process of breeding bees there are various diseases that, if improperly treated, lead to a decrease in the productivity of insects and can even cause their death. One of the most common drugs for the treatment and prevention of bee diseases is Apimax. This article lists the constituent components and pharmacological properties of this drug, describes the indications for its use and methods of use, and also presents dosage options and the frequency of treatments depending on the goal.

The composition of the drug "Apimax"

This tool is highly appreciated by beekeepers because it has a natural composition. The active ingredients of Apimax are extracts of medicinal plants, which were obtained naturally. They perform the function of an antibiotic, providing a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect, and also contain many vitamins and nutrients.

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The composition of Apimax contains extracts of such plants:

  • horsetail - is an effective tool for combating ticks;
  • garlic - helps to disinfect air and helps fight fungal infections;
  • hot pepper - effectively helps insects cope with varroatosis and nosematosis;
  • wormwood - destroys viruses and harmful microbes;
  • needles - it strengthens the body of bees during the fight against ascoferosis and varroatosis, and also gives the drug a rich coniferous smell;
  • echinacea - beneficially affects the uterus, stimulating an increase in offspring;
  • eucalyptus - serves to strengthen the immunity of working individuals in the hive.

Pharmacological characteristics

Apimax is available in the form of a concentrated solution having a viscous structure and a pronounced smell of needles. The product is painted in dark brown or black and is characterized by a bitter taste. The medicinal plants that make up the product determine its pharmacological characteristics.

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The basic principles of the action of the drug "Apimax" are listed below:

  • It has a bactericidal and antiprotozoal effect, killing harmful bacteria, viruses and ticks;
  • effectively eliminates fungal diseases due to its fungicidal effect;
  • promotes restoration of immunity of bees after a long wintering;
  • increases productivity of working individuals;
  • stimulates an increase in the number of insects in the hive;
  • promotes enhanced production of royal jelly;
  • reduces the death and diarrhea in insects;
  • prevents the occurrence of various diseases.

Indications for use

The listed pharmacological characteristics of the Apimax drug make it possible to effectively use it not only to strengthen the immunity of bees, but also to treat a whole range of infectious diseases and prevent their appearance.

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Indications for use of this medication are listed below:

  • varroatosis and acarapidosis - ticks are the source of disease;

  • ascariasis - characterized by the presence of helminths of ascaris;
  • a variety of fungal infections - aspergillosis, ascospherosis;
  • foulbrood (European, American) - can provoke the extinction of the entire bee family and refers to bacterial infections;

  • other infectious diseases - hafniosis, paratyphoid, colibacteriosis, paragnitian, septicemia;
  • nosematosis - the causative agent of the disease is a nozema parasite.

Instructions for use

If signs of illness were noticed in the apiary, then Apimax treatment should be started immediately to stop the further spread of the infection. Due to its harmless natural composition, this drug has no contraindications, therefore it is not toxic to bees.

But for maximum efficiency, it must be used in a certain way, so when processing it is recommended to strictly observe the dosage indicated for each of the methods of application.


The drug "Apimax" can be used in several ways, each of which has its own dosage of the drug. Using this dose allows you to achieve the best result in the treatment of a disease and avoid the negative consequences of an overdose.

Important! In the fall, Apimax is used to strengthen immunity and increase the number of bees, and in the spring - to prevent diseases, increase the productivity of bees and uterus and speedy recovery of insects after winter.

The consumption rates for various types of apiary treatment are listed below:

  • to feed the bees with a sweet liquid with the addition of Apimax, a solution of 10 l of sugar syrup and 100 ml of the drug is prepared - the amount of ingredients is calculated so that 35 ml of the product fall on one frame;
  • to prepare dry top dressing, mix 5 kg of Candy dough with 100 ml of Apimax, spending 50 g of the mixture per frame;
  • to prepare a solution for irrigation of hives, you need to mix Apimax with water in a ratio of 1:10 - the amount of the working mixture is calculated based on the fact that 10 ml of medicine should be spent on each frame.

Processing methods

Apimax can be used in three different ways, each of which is described in detail in the instructions. Therefore, an experienced beekeeper can try various options for using this tool and choose the one that turns out to be the most effective.

The features of each of the processing methods are listed below:

  1. Fertilizing with sugar syrup with the addition of Apimax. To do this, prepare a sweet solution of sugar and water mixed in a ratio of 1: 2, and then pour the medicine into it according to the dosage. The resulting mixture is poured into empty cells or feeders, which are installed in the brood section of the hive.
  2. Dressing with Kandy dough with the addition of Apimax. Ready-made dough for such therapeutic feeding can be purchased in a specialized store, but if desired, the beekeeper can independently prepare it from honey and powdered sugar, mixing these ingredients in a ratio of 1: 4. Apimax is added to the finished candi or while mixing the constituent components. Balls are formed from the resulting thick mixture, adhering to the indicated dosage, and then they are laid out in the hive feeders.
  3. An aqueous solution of Apimax for spraying. For its preparation, the drug is mixed with warm boiled water, observing the proportions specified in the instructions, and then leave the resulting product to cool to a temperature of +21 ... + 22 ° C. The finished solution is poured into a finely dispersed sprayer and irrigated with bees.

Frequency of spraying depending on the application

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary not only to observe the recommended dosage of the medicine, but also to carry out the treatment at the right time, choosing the right interval between them. The number and frequency of Apimax applications depends on what the beekeeper pursues.

Important! Spraying bees with Apimax working solution can be carried out at an air temperature of at least +15 ° C.

A detailed diagram of the use of the drug is presented below:

  • to prevent the occurrence of diseases, it is enough to spray once or feed the bees with syrup or dough 1 time;
  • in order to cure nosematosis, you need to use liquid top dressing 2 times with a frequency of 3 days or 1 time to give the bees a portion of the dough with the addition of Apimax. You can also spray the framework with a medicinal solution, after 2 treatments with a frequency of 4 days;
  • for the treatment of ascariasis and varroatosis, bees are given liquid feeding 4 times, observing an interval of 5 days between procedures, or 3 times feeding insects with dough, keeping 1 week between adjacent doses. In this case, therapeutic spraying is carried out 3 times with a time interval of 3 days;
  • to cure infectious diseases, you need to apply either of two types of fertilizing or spray the bees with a medicinal solution until the symptoms disappear completely. In this case, liquid top dressing is applied every 3 days, Candy dough - 1 time per week, and spraying is carried out with a frequency of 4 days;
  • after the complete elimination of all the symptoms of the disease, you need to use Apimax again to consolidate the result. In this case, feeding with a liquid mixture and spraying is carried out after 4 days, and the dough is made 6 days after the disappearance of signs of a problem.

Precautionary measures

When working with the drug, the beekeeper needs to be careful to avoid getting the product on the mucous membranes or skin. Despite the absence of toxic constituents, Apimax can cause local allergic reactions or irritation.

Important! Apimax should be kept in a dark and dry place at a temperature of +20 ... + 30 ° С. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years.

The main precautions necessary while using the drug are listed below:

  • Before preparing the Apimax working solution, you need to wear a long dressing gown made of thick fabric, rubber gloves and safety glasses - this work clothing will help prevent the medicine from getting on the skin and mucous membranes;
  • while working with the product, it is forbidden to smoke, as well as eat food or drinks - particles of the solution may fall into the oral cavity and cause irritation;
  • if the medicine gets on the skin, in the eyes or on the mucous membrane of the mouth, these areas should be immediately rinsed under a stream of water;
  • after completing work with the drug, soap your hands and wash them in warm water, as well as thoroughly rinse the gloves and hang them to dry;
  • the medicine bottle should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

Opinions of experienced beekeepers

Many apiary owners call Apimax one of the best drugs for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Therefore, he was widely known, and the low cost of the bottle allows you to constantly use this medicine for various needs.

The general opinion of experienced beekeepers about Apimaks can be expressed in the following theses:

  • stimulates the intensive growth of the number of bees;
  • prevents the appearance of wingless insects;
  • with its help it is possible to cure a large number of diseases of various nature;
  • economically consumed during use - for 100 frames with bees, one package of the drug is enough;
  • does not impair the taste and healing properties of honey;
  • bees eat this medicine well as part of sugar syrup or sweet dough.

Did you know? To produce 30 g of honey, 200 bees must collect nectar throughout the day.

The Apimax preparation is effective and safe, and even a novice beekeeper can use it in his apiary. Using the recommendations for using the medication listed in this article, you can quickly get rid of many diseases and prevent their occurrence in the future.

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