DIY window frame greenhouse

To get an earlier crop of vegetables and herbs, you can build a greenhouse or greenhouse from improvised materials. And if you still have old window frames after replacing the windows with plastic ones, then they are perfect for building a small greenhouse. On how to do it yourself, read on in the article.

Advantages and disadvantages of window frames

After replacing the old wooden frames with new metal-plastic ones, you may still have old, but still strong structures that can be used on the farm. If they are not enough to make a greenhouse, build a greenhouse out of them. Important! Before starting work, be sure to clean old structures from paint and dirt, remove metal fittings and remove all glass. Fill the cracks with mounting foam, prime and paint.

  • This design has a lot of advantages:
  • the frame will cost you absolutely free;
  • You can organize ventilation inside the structure, if there were windows in the frames;
  • fast installation speed;
  • easy dismantling of the structure if necessary;
  • ease of manufacture with a minimum of resources and tools.
Of course, such a greenhouse or greenhouse has its drawbacks: a fixed size of parts or an insufficient number of initial structures. To resize the frame, you will need to saw it. And with a shortage of materials, it will be necessary to supplement the construction with other materials.


First of all, start by determining the size of the future greenhouse or greenhouse. Then calculate the amount of consumables required. Pick up a site for construction and prepare tools. Important! Using polycarbonate, pay attention to the sides of the sheet, they are marked, and do not mix up! Otherwise, the material will quickly fail.

Window frames selection

Choose frames with healthy wood. Do not use those where you see traces of wood borers, or dried out. The reliability of your design depends on this. Please note that the glass from them must be removed before work.

They can be damaged during hail or by strong gusts of wind by falling branches. The coating of the frame is best made of polycarbonate. It perfectly transmits light, 12 times stronger than glass and is not affected by aggressive environments and weather conditions.

Necessary materials

Start by preparing materials and tools. The main material is wooden frames. It is necessary to clean the wood from bumps and old paint. Wood is treated with an antiseptic in order to prevent decay processes. Then the frames are measured once again with a tape measure and compared with the preliminary plan. Did you know? The idea of ​​creating a greenhouse arose in ancient Rome. Gardeners of the emperor Tiberius used carts covered with pieces of transparent mica to grow cucumbers.

Tool list

Of the tools you will definitely need:

  • power tools: screwdriver, saw on wood;
  • measuring tools: tape measure, building cord, pegs;
  • hammer, nails, screws;
  • sealant, paint, building glue.

Seat selection

Basic requirements for the site:

  1. Plan the installation of the greenhouse in the direction from east to west. This guarantees the maximum amount of sun for your plants in winter.
  2. It should be even.
  3. Must not be in a lowland or low groundwater zone.

Learn how and from what to make a greenhouse for seedlings with your own hands. When planning, you need to consider the width of the beds and the distance between them to service the plantation. If the site is protected from the north wind, it will be much easier to maintain the air temperature inside the greenhouse.

The greenhouse will be sensitive to temperature extremes, therefore it should be covered by trees or buildings from the wind. But trees should not cover the structure from the sun. Installing a greenhouse is easier. There will be no site requirements. You just set it over those plants where you need it. Did you know? The modern type of greenhouses appeared in the era of the great geographical discoveries due to the appearance of many exotic plants in the gardens of Europe. Even the word "greenhouse" initially means a room intended for the maintenance of orange trees.

Drawings and Dimensions

First of all, determine the size of the structure. The greenhouse will be a rectangle corresponding to the size of the frames. Draw a schematic drawing with this in mind.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

You can make a portable greenhouse from several frames or from one if it is double.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a greenhouse from a double frame:

  1. Take the prepared frame. (0:11)
  2. We unwind 4 bolts on it, having received a design of the "book" type. (0:28)
  3. A bar is cut out of a bar or a finished one is taken. It must be screwed onto the sidewall so as to obtain an equilateral triangle. It is advisable to screw the bar onto the screws so that after use the greenhouse can be disassembled and put into storage. The process is similar for both sides of the structure. (1:29)
  4. With the help of glazing beads or small rails, this triangle is tightened with a film. (5:19)
  5. To make it convenient to transport the greenhouse, handles are screwed on both sides. (8:36)
  6. The greenhouse is ready for placement on the bed. To organize the access of air inside, it can be raised and put one of the sides on a brick or bar. (11:26)

Video: How to make a greenhouse from window frames

If the existing frames are single, then they can be connected to latches, and then finish the greenhouse according to the described scheme.

Read how to make a mini greenhouse at home. Creating a greenhouse will only take you a couple of hours. This is a very cheap and practical way to create mini-shelters for beds. The greenhouse allows you to accelerate the harvest, so the frame should definitely be used to create useful structures.

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