Description and characteristics of green onions

Chives are one of the most sought after and favorite vegetables in the human diet. It has a unique ability to give piquancy to taste, a peculiar aroma and piquancy of cooked food. A high content of nutrients, medicinal properties, specific taste, low calorie content are integral attributes of this vegetable. Let us consider in more detail its features and characteristics, methods for selecting and storing the product.

Calorie Chives

A proper, balanced diet provides for a certain consumption of CBFU (the ratio of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates that enter the body with food). Therefore, it is important to know how many calories in fresh green onions, as well as its composition. Feathers of onions have a low calorie content - 19 kcal per 100 g of green mass. The protein content in the feathers is 1.3 g, carbohydrates - 3.2 g, fats - 0.1 g. These are very small indicators of the energy value of the food product, so it can be freely included in the menu for those who monitor their weight or adhere to certain diets.

It is important to note that the calorie content of green onions of different species and varieties is different. Tubular or flat, green stems of some varieties of perennial onions, have a higher calorie content:

  • shallot - 72 kcal;
  • leek - 36 kcal;
  • batun - 30 kcal.

All varieties of green onions are a low-calorie product (up to 80 kcal per 100 g). Eating greens containing a storehouse of useful substances has a positive, healing effect on the human body. The presence of a rich set of natural trace elements and vitamins in the product makes it indispensable in the diet.

Did you know? The calorie content of green fresh feathers is half that of onions.

What is green onion good for?

Nature so harmoniously combined all the useful substances and compounds in the green onion that they are almost completely absorbed by the human body, exerting a strengthening effect on it:

  • Vitamin A (retinol) - improves vision, the condition of the skin, nails, hair, accelerates fat metabolism and cell growth;
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - increases immunity, prevents heart and circulatory diseases, slows the aging of the body, reduces the likelihood of developing cancer, speeds up the healing process;
  • Vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) - promotes appetite and biochemical reactions in cells, increases the permeability of blood vessels;
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - stimulates brain activity, supports muscle tone, enriching them with oxygen, sucrose and other nutrients;
  • phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, fluorine - are responsible for the strength of bones and tooth enamel, control blood sugar, improve soft tissue regeneration, maintain potency in men;
  • iron - participates in maintaining the level of hemoglobin, prevents the destruction of tooth tissues, supports the functioning of the brain and thyroid gland;
  • zinc - normalizes the menstrual cycle and hormonal balance, favorably affects the reproductive functions of women, prevents retinal detachment;
  • volatile (volatile biologically active substances) - inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, increase the body's resistance to toxins, relieve gum disease, the development of caries and stomatitis, confront in the fight against colds, infectious and viral diseases, stabilize the general condition of the digestive system.

Due to the rich set of nutrients and the presence of positive qualities, greens are widely used for a healthy, balanced diet, in cosmetology and traditional medicine, with various diets. Regular consumption of greens prevents the development of osteoporosis and other bone diseases; improves digestion, supports the work of the cardiovascular system and blood microcirculation, helps withstand stressful situations, acts as an anti-zingotic agent. Onion is useful in diabetes mellitus - it regulates blood sugar and stimulates the production of insulin, as well as in baby food - it improves immunity, nourishes the body with vitamins, and serves as a prevention of colds.

Did you know? One feather of green onion, contains 16% of the daily dose of vitamin K (phylloquine), necessary for the growth and development of healthy bone tissue of the body.

Growing juicy, fragrant feathers at home is not a tricky business, but it still requires a little effort and time, which not everyone can afford. You can buy finished products at any time of the year in the market or in the store. When purchasing herbs, it is important to know the criteria by which a first-class, excellent quality product is determined.

Features of choosing quality greens when buying

Greens of onion crops are sold fresh and frozen. Feathers lose a large number of their positive taste and nutritional properties when exposed to low temperatures (freezing). Therefore, it is recommended to purchase them only in case of emergency. When buying a frozen product, give preference to onions with a rich green color, straight, not bent and not broken shoots. If the onion leaves are very dark and visible traces of damage and spoilage, then the purchase of such a product should be abandoned.

Quality green onions should be:

  • intense dark green color;
  • elastic, dense, not lethargic, with the absence of dry tips of the pen;
  • without spots, damage, visible signs of damage;
  • with a pronounced demarcation boundary between the white and green parts of the plant (this feature indicates the juiciness of the vegetable);
  • saturated with the specific aroma of this product;
  • When packing in containers, remain dry (condensation in the container is not acceptable).

Learn about the health benefits and benefits of green onions.

Greens that have violations of these parameters will not be tasty, high-quality and nutritious.

You should refrain from buying a vegetable if such signs are expressed:

  • mucus on feathers - spoilage of the product, its long storage;
  • plaque (of various types and colors) - excessive use of fertilizers and growth stimulants, as well as drugs to increase shelf life;
  • dry pen tip - lack of moisture when growing - onions will not be so juicy;
  • sluggish, flabby, yellowed feathers - the presence of onion diseases;
  • moisture in a container with herbs - the first symptoms of spoilage of the product;
  • mild characteristic aroma of onions, or lack thereof - grown in greenhouses using a large number of inorganic fertilizers;
  • blurring of the border between the white and green parts of the pen - stiffness, dryness of the vegetable;
  • leaf damage (bent, broken, cracked) - bacteria can accumulate in the places of the defect, the shelf life is limited.

This culture has a characteristic feature: the darker, more saturated the color of the leaves, the sharper, burning their taste. To avoid spoiling the product, it is recommended to wash the greens immediately before their use. Regular use of green onions in the diet is a powerful source for maintaining health. But the use of this vegetable in the daily diet should be treated correctly, paying attention to some of its aspects and features.

Rules and regulations for use

In order for the product to fully benefit the body, vitality and pep, it is advisable to adhere to the following requirements regarding it:

  • apply, if possible, only in fresh form (adding to salads, omelets, soups, etc.);
  • to improve the digestibility of the body, use with vegetable oil;
  • use up in a short time (green onion is a perishable product);
  • to avoid bad breath, it is advised to eat a slice of rye bread, lemon, coffee grain, cardamom or a sprig of parsley.

Important! It is not advisable for pregnant women to exceed the daily intake of onion herbs: excessive food intake can lead to heartburn.

It should be noted that the largest amount of nutrients and vitamins is contained in the white part of green onions (immediately upon exiting turnip onions), in the feathers of the vegetable they are slightly less, and at the tips of onion shoots (tops) they are not at all. Therefore, when using the product, it is recommended to cut off the ends of the feathers by 3-4 cm, since they do not represent any value.

For those who are healthy and do not have allergic reactions to chives, there are no restrictions on the use of vegetables. The use of greenery, to a reasonable extent, is useful to everyone: from small to great. Nevertheless, it is advisable to exercise moderation and some caution in this. If onion belching or heartburn occurs (signs of increased acidity of gastric juice), the amount of greens consumed must be reduced.

The daily intake of green onions in food is about 100 g. Focusing on the individual characteristics and the reaction of the body, everyone will be able to independently determine their need for this product. Possessing such a wide range of positive qualities and useful substances, green onions, unfortunately, have some limitations on the use in the daily diet.

Harm and contraindications

A green product should be taken with caution (in minimal doses) in the presence of such diseases:

  • ulcerative inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, duodenum, gastritis;
  • kidney and liver diseases (hepatitis, cholecystitis, etc.);
  • an allergic reaction to onions;
  • with hypertensive crises, steadily high blood pressure;
  • exacerbation of chronic lung disease, bronchial asthma.

Important! When including green onions in the diet, in the presence of acute chronic diseases, consult with your doctor in advance.

Uncontrolled use of a vitamin product can lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases, so the intake of greens is carried out in moderation, in small portions. The shelf life of the green product is short-lived, so it becomes necessary to take some kind of peculiar measures to extend the shelf life of this vegetable. Let us consider in more detail the specifics of these events.

Methods for storing green onions

Green onions keep fresh all the nutrients and vitamins in full; when salted, they are lost to a small extent, in frozen form, a little more. In this regard, it is important to extend the life of the product with minimal damage to useful qualities. There are several ways to store greens:

  1. Fresh. This option preserves the green mass in the refrigerator or other cool place, for example, in the cellar. You should immediately take into account the fact that water greatly reduces the shelf life of green onions. Based on this, the vegetable is not recommended to be pre-washed, but only wiped with a napkin to remove excess moisture from the feathers. Damaged and spoiled leaves must be removed. Cooked products are placed in plastic bags, food containers or glass jars with lids. The storage period in this case is no more than 5 days. Onion with greens lasts longer - up to 10 days. Capacities are selected in accordance with the size of the vegetable. It is advisable to prevent creases of feathers to avoid quick spoilage of the product.

  2. Freezing. Using this method, the onions are washed, dried and cut into slices. Laying it on a flat surface (tray, dish, etc.), it is pre-frozen. Onions prepared in this way are laid out in containers, bags and placed for further storage in the freezer. The shelf life of the frozen product is 1 year.

  3. Pickling. Chopped (originally washed and dried) onions are placed in glass jars, pouring salt at the rate of: 200 g of salt per 1 kg of product. In this form, it persists for 6 months.

  4. Drying. Vegetable dryers and ovens are used for this process. With stable warm, sunny weather, pre-prepared chopped vegetable, laid out for drying "in the sun." The resulting dried material is packaged in glass containers, linen bags or paper bags. Dried onions last up to 2 years.

During the heat treatment of greens, the lion's share of useful properties is lost, for example: the loss of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is 75%. In view of this, storage by conservation is not recommended and is rarely used. Green onions, possessing such a wide range of positive qualities, undoubtedly occupies an honorable place in the human diet. Given its features, following the recommendations for the selection and storage of vegetables, you will certainly, at any time of the year, get the benefit and pleasure of using this product.

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