Is cucumber with honey good for the human body?

Cucumbers with honey - an excellent tool for healing the body. On the benefits and harms of such a culinary interpretation, as well as on the rules of use, read below.

Chemical composition and calorie content

The products in question have a positive effect on the whole organism as a whole due to its rich chemical composition. Especially useful for people suffering from seasonal vitamin deficiency.


For 100 g of fresh cucumbers, 14 kcal.

Squirrels0.8 g
Fats0.1 g
Carbohydrates2.5 g
Alimentary fiber1 g
Water95 g
Organic acids0.1 g
Ash0.5 g

Of the vitamins, the composition of the product includes group B, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, retinol, biotin, phylloquinone, as well as E, PP and niacin. All of them are necessary to increase the body's resistance to external negative factors and ensure better digestibility of the mineral complex of compounds.

The composition of the cucumber includes the following micro and macro elements:

  • aluminum;
  • boron;
  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • cobalt;
  • nickel;
  • selenium;
  • fluorine;
  • chromium;
  • zinc;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • sulfur;
  • phosphorus;
  • chlorine.

Did you know? Pickles were an indispensable food item during the sea voyages of Christopher Columbus. They were mainly used to protect against scurvy.


There are 328 kcal per 100 g of honey, of which:

Squirrels0.8 g
Carbohydrates80.3 g
Organic acids1.2 g
Water17.4 g
Ash0.3 g

The vitamin-mineral complex of honey products includes a whole list of substances necessary for the human body to maintain normal functionality.

VitaminsTrace elementsMacronutrients
pantothenic acidmanganesesulfur
vitamin Cfluorinephosphorus

What is useful cucumber with honey

Cucumber with honey is useful for preventive purposes and for the correction of existing health problems. Many ailments are associated with a violation of potassium-sodium balance in the body. Due to the consumption of the products in question, it is possible to correct the situation by increasing the consumption of potassium, which helps to remove excess sodium along with urine.

Did you know? The word honey has Jewish roots. In literal translation, it means "magic spell."

For children

In childhood, the body is constantly evolving, which takes a lot of energy, so the right balance of nutrients has a huge role. Cucumber juice with honey positively affects the performance of the digestive tract, and it is in it that the largest number of immune cells is located.

B vitamins and ascorbic acid are involved in the formation of cells of the nervous system, which helps improve sleep during mental stress and optimize protective functions

They are also responsible for ionic bonds and the production of certain enzymes. Silicon promotes the synthesis of collagen fibers, which is important for the protective mechanisms of the skin, and regulates blood coagulation. Potassium compounds regulate the water-electrolytic balance and are responsible for oxygen saturation of the body.

Did you know? In ancient Egypt, Rome, and among Old Slavic peoples, honey was equated with a monetary unit. With it, people paid for other food products, and also paid tribute.

For adults

The body of adults is constantly experiencing stress during nervous, mental and physical stress, therefore, it needs high-quality protection. Thanks to the combination of a complex of vitamins and mineral compounds, the body's regenerative ability improves and stress resistance increases. Due to the mild diuretic effect, swelling and the risk of varicose veins are reduced.

Cucumbers with honey help stabilize the cardiovascular system

During pregnancy

During the period of bearing a child, the woman’s body undergoes a number of hormonal changes and very often is defenseless against negative environmental factors. Cucumber with honey in this case helps to increase immunity effectively.

In addition, pregnant women often suffer from constipation, morning sickness and swelling, and drugs are not always allowed to be taken. Digestion improves and the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases.

The diuretic effect eliminates excess fluid and constipation

Reception of cucumber juice with honey will be effective in all phases of pregnancy. The only limitation is the last month before giving birth, because honey is a rather strong allergen, which can negatively affect the baby’s health.

For the same reason, you should abandon the consumption of such products during breastfeeding. Mom will be able to introduce such products into her diet closer to 7–8 months. This should be done very carefully. Initially, products are consumed only in the first half of the day in minimal quantities, while clearly monitoring the condition of the child. If there is a rash or abnormalities in the digestive tract, immediately stop taking cucumber juice with honey.

We advise you to read about the properties of honey for women's health.

When losing weight

Products will also be effective in losing weight. It will help restore the water-electrolyte balance, especially with diets in conjunction with increased physical activity.

Thanks to the combination of minerals and vitamins, the body's regenerative ability improves, and the amount of fat is reduced and the process of eliminating toxins accumulated in the body is accelerated

Vitamins of group B in conjunction with ascorbic acid take part in building a muscle corset and splitting fat deposits, so the process of losing weight is faster. The presence of carbohydrates helps to get rid of such a negative symptom as dizziness when refusing sweets. The main thing is not to exceed the recommended consumption rates.

Important! When consuming cucumbers with honey when losing weight, it is worth reducing the daily dose of sugar in your diet to a minimum, and if possible, generally give it up for a while.

With various diseases

  • Cucumber with honey is used for various diseases of systems and organs:
  • cardiovascular pathologies - due to improved blood circulation in the brain, myocardial oxygen saturation increases, the digestive system works better and the load on the vascular walls decreases;
  • gastrointestinal dysfunction - reduces acidity after exacerbations of gastritis and helps restore mucosal cells, due to improved metabolism helps to get rid of constipation and remove toxins, eliminates heartburn and has a bactericidal effect, restoring microflora;
  • deviations in the work of the respiratory system - has an expectorant effect for bronchitis;
  • thyroid pathology - normalizes the hormonal background;
  • skin problems - increases elasticity by increasing collagen production.

Rules and regulations for use

The products in question can be used in 2 types:

  • drink cucumber juice mixed with honey;
  • there is cucumber salad flavored with honey.

In the first case, the recommended daily dose for an adult is 100 ml, for a child - 50 ml. In the form of a salad, you can eat about 300 g of cucumbers, children use 1-2 fruits per salad. Regarding honey: per 100 ml of juice, it is added in an amount of 1 tbsp. l for an adult and 1 tsp. for a child. In the salad put 1 tsp. honey products in combination with 3-5 drops of olive oil per 200 g of cucumbers.

Cucumber Salad with Honey

For preventive purposes, they consume products for a week in the morning. After 2 weeks, repeat the course. To improve the body's resistance, it is recommended to conduct 3-5 week courses. In the treatment of diseases, the intake period is from 14 to 21 days. Products are also consumed in the morning. If this is cucumber juice, then it is better to drink it on an empty stomach.

Important! Before using honey with cucumbers to stabilize the body after an illness or correction during it, you must first consult a doctor.

In what areas is applied

Cucumbers with honey are widely used in:

  • cosmetology - for the most part, juice with honey is used to prepare masks for hair, face and body skin, which contribute to the restoration of structural units of tissues, improve blood circulation and rejuvenation;
  • culinary - juice with honey is used in various culinary interpretations (sauces for salads, marinades, additives to smoothies, etc.), in the preservation and even the manufacture of dessert dishes;
  • medicine - to restore the body after acute respiratory viral infections, exacerbations of gastritis, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Possible harm and contraindications

If you do not exceed the daily dose, side effects when using the product in question do not occur. Otherwise, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur, and occasionally, an increase in pressure.

  • The consumption of cucumbers with honey is completely contraindicated for:
  • individual intolerance;
  • allergies to pollen of any plants - honey can cause hives or pulmonary edema (in difficult cases);
  • exacerbation of peptic ulcer diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Also, products are not given to children under 3 years old. Cucumbers with honey are a fortified cocktail that will help restore body strength. When dosed consumption does not cause adverse reactions.

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