Criteria for selecting a nickname for a cow

The animals that have been accompanying us for many years become our good friends. For most private breeders, a cow is not only a source of income. She is a pet, a true member of the family. Such attachment implies that the pupil has a personal name. This article will tell you how to call a calf, what rules are followed.

List of popular alphabetical names

Regardless of whether you are looking for interesting (funny) or classic nicknames, there are sure to be great ideas on how to name a cow or a bull. The tables are below.

For cows girls

The table shows the most popular names in alphabetical order:

LetterPopular nicknames for heifers
BUTAurora, Ada, Alice, Harp, Assol, Aphrodite
BButterfly, Bagel, Squirrel, Bella, Bertha, Bonnie, Bonya, Burenka, Bead
ATValentine, Vanessa, Varya, Venus, Freestyle, Volyushka, Blizzard
GGazelle, Pebble, Glasha, Dove, Countess, Thunderstorm
DDakota, Dana, Darla, Dasha, Noblewoman, Virgo, Dekabrina, Juliet, Diana, Dina, Dusya, Daisy
EEve, Only, Elnushka, Enichka
FZhdanka, Pearl, Zhenya, Giselle, Josephine, Priestess, Zhuzha
3Fun, Glow, Dawn, Star, Asterisk, Winter, Dawn, Zosia
ANDToy, Isabella, Emerald, Toffee, Spark
TOButton, Doll, Doll, Candy
LLama, Weasel, Laura, Swan, Legend, Lady, Lazy, Lily, Linda, Moon, Lyubava, Lyalya
MMadame, Madonna, Baby, Daisy, Margie, Masha, Cutie, Minnie, Mod, Molly, Cloudberry, Motya, Mumu, Goosebump, Murka, Meg
NAward, Hope, Naida, Outfit, Nezhdanka, Night
ABOUTOvation, Olesya, Olivia, Octave, Olympics, Ophelia
PCookie, Victory, Girlfriend, Polina, Polyanka, Fluff, Bee
RRavela, Ravenna, Rainbow, Riddle, Rare, Rimma, Rosie, Rukavichka
FROMSemayka, Seraphim, Ciara, Silva, Sympathy, Siren, Glory, Cold
TTaiga, Mystery, Tamarka, Taya, Tina, Tradition, Tulitsa
AtGood Luck, Smile, Clever, Joy
FFaina, Fairy, Felicia, Fairy, Meatball, Fuji
XPraise, Bread, Mistress
TsGypsy, Cysana
HChapa, Chernochka
WSkoda, Shun
UTwitter, Bristle
EElisa, Elina, Elite, Ella, Esmeralda
YUYula, Juno, Nimble
I AMBerry, Amber, Bright, Yara. Jasper.

Calf calves

Not only girls are given beautiful names. Gobies are no exception:

LetterPopular nicknames for bulls
BUTAdam, Alph, Aristocrat, Arnie, Arnold, Athos
BBanderas, Barin, Barmaley, Basia, Bambi, Bern, Bessi, Bob, Butya, Boko, Bonaparte, Borodan, Borodach, Boria, Brave, Browser, Bagel, Bull
ATVaska, Wenka, Willy, Freestyle, Wolf, Pile, Pile, Bindweed, Vyatik
GGavryushka, Guy, Gambit, Hamlet, Geyser, Duke, Count, Gustav
DDiego, Diesel, Dock
EHuntsman, Egorushka, Eater, Emelya, Ermak
FZhora, Georges, Zhorik, Zhuzha, Bug
3Starry, Zeus, Zigzag, Winter, Zorg
ANDIgnat, Hoarfrost, Interesting, Hippolytus
TOTreasurer, Cain, Prince, Christoph, Kuzya, Cupid
LLeo, Leonard, Leopold, Goblin, Limousine, Lunar, Luntik, Pet, Pet
MMike, Marquis, Mars, Martin, Mephistopheles, Teddy Bear, Monarch, Morozko, Mustang
NSissy, Neptune, Norman
ABOUTGlutton, Oligarch, Othello
PPate, Dodger, Prince
RRango, Remarque, Rembrandt, Rick, Rodrigo, Horn, Rolf, Rhombus, Romeo, Wolverine, Ross, Rusak
FROMSamurai, Saturn, Sensei, Senya, Syoma, Sivka, Smurf, Spartak, Sultan
TTaurus, Tarzan, Tiger, Tikhon, Totem, Native
AtHurricane, Corner, Umka, Nerd
FPheasant, Faust, Queen, Fedor, Figured, Magician, Fomka
XHann, Round Dance, Jose, Ridge, Christopher
TsTsarevich, Tsar, Caesar
HCheburashka, Churchill, Chizhik, Chippolino, Freak
WShaitan, Hatter, Joker
UGenerous, Sherbet
EEdward, Elvis, Elite, Ernest
YUJulian, Jupiter
I AMYakov, Jan, Yanik, Bright, Ardent

By color

The color of the animal can also affect the name:

LetterNicknames by color
PPiebald, Speckled, Fifteen
RGinger (option for a boy - Ginger)
WChocolate (Chocolate)

Did you know? The total weight of all cows living on the planet is approximately three times the weight of all people.

By month of birth

Depending on when the baby was born, the owner may come up with a nickname, focusing on the month of birth:

LetterNicknames by month of birth
BUTApril (April)
MT-shirt, Marta
ABOUTOktyabrina (October)

Flowers and plants

As you know, in villages, the nicknames of animals have long been thoughtful for choosing. We can say that this is a real ritual. The names of the cows related to weather phenomena, “floral” and “vegetable” look interesting. Judge for yourself:

LetterNames associated with flowers and plants
BBirch, Lingonberry
ATBranch, Cherry
ANDRaisin, Iris
TOKalinka, Cedar
LLavender, Buttercup
MMalinka, Mimosa
RRose, Chamomile, Rowan
FViolet, Flora
TsFlower, Flower, Floral, Blooming
HSweet cherry

Geographic names

Based on the gender of the animal, they come up with the nicknames "geographical":

LetterGeographic nicknames
BUTAsia, Altai, Alaska, Amurchik, Ararat
DDnieper, Danube
PParisian (Paris), Polka
WSwede, Tartan
YUSouth, South
I AMJamaica

By distinguishing features

An animal can be called depending on the characteristic features of its exterior:

LetterNicknames by features
3Big guy
TOKrepysh, Curly, Curly
PDonut, Donut

Did you know? The cow has 25, 000 taste buds in its mouth. Therefore, these animals distinguish between sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes.

The nature

They say that a cow is an animal with a special disposition. Already at birth, her character may manifest. This means that you can think of a name as well:

LetterNicknames by nature
BChatterbox, Peppy, Brykuha, Wild, Buyan
ATMerry, Merry.
DSavage, Wild, Friendly
TOCasanova, Coquette
LAffectionate, Trickster, Fierce
NGentle, Unbridled
ABOUTMischief, . Mischievous
FROMBold, Peaceful
TQuiet, Tikhonya
XTricky, Brave, Fragile
WShaitan, nimble.

How to tame a calf to a nickname

Scientists claim that nicknamed cows produce more milk. From birth, it is necessary to tame a cow to a nickname. And if you want to raise manufacturing bulls, then it is especially important to tame such kids to a name. You need to start raising a bull when he is still small.

There are no specific rules or techniques for taming a calf to a nickname. It is only necessary from birth to repeatedly pronounce the nickname, being next to the animal. At the same time, use an affectionate, calm manner of pronunciation. Over time, the baby will remember the sounds of the nickname and will respond to them.

Important! Use caution when handling the calf near his mother. Seeking to protect her cub, a cow can harm a person.

Is it possible to change the nickname

It happens that a farmer, buying a cow or a bull from a breeding herd, remains unhappy with the name of the animal. Then the question arises of the advisability of changing the name. Changing the nickname is a very real task. However, you will have to tame the pet from scratch to respond to a new name.

A cow is considered a very musical animal, it easily perceives the sound of its name. The main thing is to remember: cattle get used to simple short words with growling sounds more easily. Therefore, you should not come up with a fanciful name. On the contrary, it is desirable that the new nickname be in tune with the previous one.

And in order to accustom the calf to a new name, you will need to call him as often as possible. It will be some time before the cow gets used to its new name and stops being confused.

Important! Never bow a pet name, do not use diminutive forms. Choose only one single variant of the nickname and pronounce it clearly. Thus, the choice of a nickname for a born calf is a responsible and simultaneously fascinating affair. Of course, not all possible names are offered, but the most popular and beautiful options are selected. Thanks to our article, you can now choose a cute nickname for your pet.

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