Characteristic and features of the Novator greenhouse

The possibility of opening the structure is very important for greenhouses, because thanks to this option it is possible to regulate microclimatic conditions inside the structure without any problems. And only if the necessary conditions are met, is it possible to grow a variety of crops that need different climatic parameters. To do this, the Novator greenhouse is used, which has not only undeniable advantages, but also provides high performance thanks to correctly selected materials, sizes and with proper care.

Design features of the Novator greenhouse with removable roof

The Novator greenhouse with a removable roof is an ideal option for installing and growing various crops. The main feature of the design is the ability to remove the roof from the greenhouse in the winter season. Such a simple function provides an opportunity to protect it from numerous deformations in the event of heavy snowfalls and when a thick snow layer settles on the roof.

It is designed for operation in a wide temperature range from -60 ° C to + 80 ° C. Durable materials withstand such tests. Moreover, 1 m² of roof area can withstand up to 10 kg of weight. And this is not all the advantages of the Novator greenhouse with a removable roof.

Important! In the summer season, the removable roof makes it possible to observe the correct ventilation mode, and in winter, melted snow preserves the natural nutrition of the soil with the necessary trace elements obtained from snow.

It should be borne in mind that the design with a convertible top is much more expensive than solid analogs, but even this does not stop numerous consumers, because it functions much longer and helps to grow a much larger crop.


  • Among the main advantages of convertible greenhouses for bivalves or any other similar structures, the following should be highlighted:
  • preservation of fruitful and “live” soil;
  • strong and extremely resistant to external influences frame;
  • plant protection from overheating;
  • significant illumination of the structure;
  • balanced microclimatic conditions inside the structure;
  • profitability.
The fact is that depriving the soil of snow cover, and, accordingly, the necessary trace elements, it quickly loses its useful properties for growing plants. It is much more profitable to maintain greenhouse soil than to change it periodically. This will help increase yields.

Integral structures quite often undergo complete destruction under the influence of large snow mass in the winter season. A similar problem does not occur in analogues with a removable roof, which significantly extends its life.

Important! The removable roof in the greenhouse can be compared with a climatic regulator, since thanks to it you can ventilate the room and also let in additional light. Well, the possibility of self-installation makes it possible to save money on the services of masters.


It is worth noting that there are practically no shortcomings in greenhouses with an opening roof.

  • Nevertheless, some shortcomings can be highlighted that can adversely affect yield:
  • If installed and installed incorrectly, gaps may appear between the doors through which cool air will enter. And if it’s not scary in the summer, then in the very first spring days due to a similar oversight, the crop may be lost.
  • The roof is not very convenient to close low housewives. Therefore, without the help of a man in this case, you can not do.
  • Attaching the opening doors causes the most problems during system installation.
  • The design may not withstand strong blows from a large hail, and this indicates further monetary losses.

Choosing the best greenhouse option from the manufacturer

When choosing the right greenhouse for you, you should consider a lot of parameters, the main of which are the size of the structure and its coverage. With sizes, each is determined independently, since it all depends on the crops that are planned to be grown in the greenhouse. But on the coating material you need to pay special attention, since it should not let in an excessive amount of direct sunlight, and at the same time should be very durable.

Did you know? The largest number of greenhouses are in Holland, while traditionally they are covered with glass, not plastic.

Size selection

To date, the manufacturer produces several options for greenhouses in size:

  • "Mini";
  • "Maxi";
  • mixed type designs.

The first option is suitable for growing undersized fruit vegetables and fruits. The height of the “Mini” greenhouse is only 0.8 m, but this is more than enough for growing cucumbers and tomatoes. The depth and length of the same structure is standard for all options. Due to its low height, such a greenhouse quickly warms up, so it can be used on seedlings in the first sunny days.

Greenhouse Novator Mini

The Maxi parameters greenhouse has a higher height - about 1.2 m, which makes it possible to breed taller and climbing plants. But at the same time, no one bothers to plant stunted cultures here.

Greenhouse Innovator Maxi

Designs of a mixed type differ in individual parameters that you order for yourself. Simply put, it is made to order. Most often they are used in large agricultural enterprises. It can be large-scale designs.

Novator produces greenhouses of completely different sizes. If the area of ​​your site allows, then you can give preference to those with a length of 4 m and a width of 3 m. There are larger models, whose length is estimated at 8 and 10 m, respectively. That is why everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable option in terms of size.

Did you know? There is a project called Land of Thanet . It is planned that this will be the largest greenhouse, which will produce 2.5 million tomatoes weekly.

Coverage selection

When choosing, special attention should be paid to options made of polycarbonate. But at the same time, it is also extremely important to bypass cheap Chinese and Russian manufacturers, because their materials do not differ in the properties that real polycarbonate should have.

In cheap analogs, there is almost always no system of protection against UV radiation, which negatively affects the growth and development of plants. Moreover, without such protection, the material itself will dry out, and in the future will completely collapse.

Moreover, the material should not just be covered with a protective layer. This gentle component must also be present in the raw material itself, as this greatly increases the likelihood of polycarbonate durability. Read also articles on this topic:

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Tips for the maintenance and operation of the Novator greenhouse

Qualitatively made greenhouses can be operated for a long time. But this is only possible with proper use and care. Especially the owners should carefully prepare for the winter. Learn more about which covering material is best used for greenhouses and greenhouses. Preparing for the winter consists of a whole list of procedures:

  1. All crops, all kinds of pots and even shelves are removed.
  2. The top layer of soil is processed (fertilizers, poisons from parasites, etc. are introduced).
  3. Walls must be thoroughly washed.
  4. Make sure that they are dry. If this is not possible, you will have to wipe them yourself with a dry cloth.
And only after all these procedures can you be calm that she will stand all winter and will continue to serve you for long years.

As you can see, the Novator greenhouses are irreplaceable designs for growing vegetables for the whole family. With the right choice and care of the greenhouse, it will serve the owners for a very long time, and delight with tasty and healthy fruits.

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