Bunker Feeders for Rabbits

One of the main tasks of the rabbit breeder is to provide the farmed individuals with high-quality food stock. When buying on the market, you can easily make the mistake of choosing the right variety and run into an unscrupulous design, so experienced farmers make do-it-yourself feeders. The information in the article will help to build high-quality and in a very short time the most convenient type for the rabbit "dining room" - a capacious bunker tank.

The main types of feeders

Before proceeding with the manufacture of a hopper-type feeder, it is necessary to understand in detail all known varieties suitable for feeding rabbit livestock.

Food containers are divided into different subspecies according to the specific type of feed: tops with added root crops, compound feed, forbs, hay and nutritious cereal mixes.

Did you know? Rabbits, despite the old stereotype, do not belong to rodents. Despite their active chewing function, the animals belong to the family of rabbit-like, in which scientists brought them back in 1912 (based on specific distinguishing features).

In total, in private farms, there are 4 types of containers for rabbits:

  • cup;
  • grooved;
  • nurseries;
  • bunker.
How to make bunker equipment, and what are its features?

DIY feeder

The most modern and convenient for voracious rabbits are bunker food models. With their help, the livestock is quickly and unobstructed saturated with grain crops and feeds presented in granules. Thanks to the original design, animals have constant access to food, which is distributed in containers in separate portions.

It is important to know the basic requirements for a future feeding trough:

  • permissible hygiene status;
  • suitable size;
  • cleanliness and dryness of the place where the inventory will be located;
  • strong system of fastening;
  • quality material.
Now, directly on the manufacture of structures with a volume of 2.5 kg.

Important! The cost of the materials spent on the product varies between 50-55 cents.

Tools and materials

You will need the necessary materials for work:

  • cardboard;
  • feeder pattern;
  • 20 mm thick board;
  • 2 galvanized sheets.

A person with experience is able to assemble a structure in half an hour, having at hand the following tools:

  • pencil;
  • rubber gloves (for safety);
  • jigsaw;
  • self-tapping screws (4-6 pieces).

We recommend that you learn how to not feed rabbits.

If there are no tin skills, then a little more time will be required.

Manufacturing instruction

  1. Before proceeding with the collection of the structure, it is important to study the drawings, and then work in accordance with them.
  2. Make a cardboard template.
  3. Circle the template with a pencil on the board and cut the resulting jigsaw.
  4. Screw two galvanized sheets with screws to the press washer, starting from the top of the back wall.
  5. Assemble the structure by making holes for attaching the feeder.

In order to avoid injuries to animals, all sharp angles must be flattened. This eliminates hazardous areas.

Did you know? Rabbits chew 120 times per minute and have more than 17 thousand taste buds. The above instructions are easy, materials for the bunker capacity are simple and do not require large expenses. Having completed all of the above rules, the rabbit breeder will fully provide pets with convenient and high-quality feeders.

Video: Build a hopper feeder

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