The benefits and harms of cucumbers for women's health

Cucumber is a popular vegetable in the spring and summer, without which it is difficult to imagine the preparation of light salads. Everyone knows that vegetables are good for our body and they can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities. Whether this applies to cucumbers and what benefits the vegetable brings to the female body, we will tell in this article.

Calorie content and chemical composition

In cucumbers, 96% of the water, the rest is pulp and seeds.

They contain:

A (retinol)0.06 mg
B1 (thiamine)0.03 mg
B2 (riboflavin)0.04 mg
B6 (pyridoxine)0.04 mg
B9 (folic acid)4.0 mcg
C (ascorbic acid)10.0 mcg
E (tocopherol acetate)0.1 mg
N (biotin)0.9 mcg
PP (nicotinic acid)0.2 mg

In addition, cucumbers contain calcium — 16 mg, iron — 0.28 mg, magnesium — 13 mg, manganese — 0.079 mg, phosphorus — 24 mg, and zinc — 0.2 mg.

BJU, caloriesFresh cucumbersFried cucumbers
squirrels0.8 g49.7 g
fats0.1 g8.9 g
carbohydrates2.5 g15 g
calories14 kcal407 kcal

What are useful cucumbers for women

Having a large amount of water, cucumbers work as cleaners of the body, washing out all the harmful substances from it.

  • In addition, they bring the following benefits to the female body:
  • Low calorie vegetable allows you to consume it in large quantities and not worry about weight gain.
  • Water and dietary fiber improve digestion.
  • Potassium provides the heart.
  • Promotes the absorption of protein foods.
  • Due to the presence of easily digestible iodine, they have a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.
  • Silicon and sulfur contained in the product contribute to the strengthening and growth of hair and nails.
  • They can slow down the aging process and establish metabolic processes.
  • They can slow down the process of converting carbohydrates into fats, which helps in the fight against excess weight.

Did you know? If you do not want to suffer from a hangover and headaches the next morning, eat a couple of slices of cucumber before going to bed. Due to the content of vitamins and electrolytes, the body is easier to restore strength, and a hangover is easier to carry.

Can i eat

Usually, if a person does not have any contraindications in the use of products, then he boldly eats an unlimited number of cucumbers. But sometimes there are times when a healthy person should think about whether the eaten vegetable will harm him. These include pregnancy, breastfeeding and diets.

When losing weight

On the basis of cucumbers, various diets are built to combat weight. All of them are quite effective, but there is constant debate around them about their appropriateness. The thing is that, having eaten a cucumber, it is difficult to feel full, therefore it is difficult to stay on such a diet for a long time.

But you can arrange cucumber fasting days. Once a week is enough. If you are not a follower of a strict diet, then you can add more vegetables to your diet, and thanks to its ability to cleanse the body and establish digestive processes, the loss of extra pounds will accelerate.

During pregnancy

The vitamins and minerals contained in the cucumber are very necessary for a woman in position. After the eaten vegetable, the process of strengthening the body begins without gaining excess weight due to the minimum number of calories.

Acting as a light diuretic, fresh greenbacks are able to get rid of edema, normalize stool. It is also a good prophylactic against hemorrhoids, for strengthening teeth and bones. The presence of folic acid in the fetus reduces the risk of developing fetal malformations.

Important! Only domestic cucumbers grown on their own plot, without nitrates, will benefit. Do not get carried away by pregnant women and pickles, as they greatly stress the kidneys. 2 to 3 fruits per day is the norm if there are no contraindications to salty foods.

When breastfeeding

Lactating women have a very limited diet, and each new product must be introduced gradually. The same applies to cucumbers. After eating a couple of vegetable slices, you need to observe the reaction of the baby, and if there are no problems, then you can gradually increase the dose.

A lactating woman can introduce a vegetable into the diet only when her child is three months old. As in the case of pregnant women, only cucumbers from their own garden, without chemicals, are useful.

Possible contraindications and harm

Despite its significant benefits, a vegetable can be harmful. It should not be used by people with high acidity, as it contributes to its even greater growth. If the cucumbers are purchased, especially early ones, then it is better to peel them so as not to be poisoned by the nitrates that were used to grow them.

Early cucumbers should not be given to children under three years of age in any form. The vegetable is contraindicated for various problems with the gastrointestinal tract: ulcer, gastritis, etc. It is also not recommended for those who have kidney problems.

Also find out what benefits the female body benefits from products such as bee pork, apples, cherries, tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, carrots, watermelon, honey, melon and dill.

Terms of use

When consuming a vegetable, you need to adhere to certain rules so that it has more benefits than harm.

Is it possible to eat with a peel

The cucumber peel contains a number of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. It also contains a significant amount of fiber necessary for normal bowel function.

Therefore, if a vegetable is eaten with a peel, then the exchange of processes is normalized, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, the aging and division of cancer cells will slow down. But with the peel, you can eat only summer cucumbers grown on time or grown on their own beds.

How much can you eat per day

As with any product, cucumbers should not be carried away so as not to provoke the appearance of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The norm will be 300 g of greens per day. If you decide to sit on a cucumber diet, then this amount of vegetable can be eaten at a time with a five-day diet.

Did you know? When the Egyptians buried their pharaohs, they laid cucumbers with jewels in the tomb.

Can I eat at night

At night, you can eat no more than 2-3 greens and preferably without salt, so that moisture does not linger in the body. Due to the low calorie content, the vegetable is an ideal snack that will slightly satisfy hunger and not add extra centimeters.

How to choose upon purchase

When buying cucumbers, you need to carefully evaluate their appearance. They should be tight to the touch, without dents or other defects. It is necessary to evaluate the color of Zelentsy. Shine should not be present in it, since this is a sign of the presence of nitrates. It is also desirable that the color be uniform, without yellowness.


Cucumber is not only the main ingredient in most spring-summer salads, but also a good medicinal and cosmetic product.

In folk medicine

For medicinal purposes, both the fruit itself and the juice from it are used: Read more

The benefits and harms of cucumber juice
  1. With gastritis and an ulcer in an acute form. Squeeze the juice from the cucumbers and take 0.5 tbsp. twice a day for 40-60 minutes before eating. You can replace the juice with a whole fruit, but eat it with honey.
  2. With hepatic ailments. The same freshly squeezed juice is consumed at 0.5 tbsp. once or twice a day on an empty stomach.
  3. If chronic constipation is a concern. A glass of brine daily in the morning on an empty stomach or a glass of cucumber juice. You can eat in unlimited quantities Zelenets himself.

In cosmetology

The vegetable benefits greatly for the skin of the face:

  1. Against acne, freckles, age spots. Squeeze the juice from the young cucumber and rub it on the face twice or thrice a day for several weeks. This recipe effectively helps get rid of unwanted tanning.
  2. Lotion. Grate greens with a grater and mix with the same amount of vodka. Insist 14 days, drain. Wipe the skin daily with a cotton pad moistened with liquid. If the skin is dry, mix the lotion in equal proportions with water and add 1 tsp for every 100 ml of liquid obtained. glycerin.
  3. Mask for oily skin. Grate cucumbers and apples, mix in equal proportions. Twice a week for 20 minutes you need to apply a mask and rinse with warm water.

To eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, it is enough to attach for a while cucumber circles to problem areas.

In cooking

Cucumbers can be used as an independent dish, or an indispensable ingredient in other dishes. They are added to various salads, soups, snacks, sauces. You can make excellent workpieces from them.

Storage conditions

The most delicious greenbacks - only plucked from the garden. When they lie down, they gradually begin to lose their aroma and crispness. If you are not going to harvest them for the winter in the form of preservation, then there are two storage options: in the refrigerator, in a cool room.

They will be stored in the refrigerator for 7 days, but only if they are not wrapped in a bag. It is better to store them unwashed, but without dirt and moisture.

Indoors, the vegetable can be stored at +10 ... + 15 ° С and humidity 90–95% in a box or box. So they will last 2-3 days. When the temperature drops to + 6 ... + 8 ° C, they will be able to lie for 10 days. Under the same temperature conditions, greenhouses lie wrapped in moist tissue for a week.

Cucumbers are a useful vegetable for the female body. They strengthen the body as a whole, cleanse and tone it.

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