Bee lifespan

Every conscientious beekeeper should know how long the bees live. Their lifespan depends on various factors, so it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question. Read about how many bees live and what affects the duration of their existence.

The composition of the bee family

The bee family has a uterus, working individuals and drones. This is a clear structure that operates according to the rules of a working organization. Each individual has its own function.

Important! Bees live according to the laws of matriarchy, so the womb is the most protected in the family. However, it happens that the head of the family is infertile or the motherless family - then the roles of insects are shifted.

Positions are distributed as follows:

UterusPropagated by laying eggs
Working beesThey build honeycombs, collect pollen and nectar, process raw materials, feed the rest of the insects
DronesFertilize the uterus, protect it from external factors

What affects lifespan?

The life span of an insect depends on a number of factors.

Among them are the following:

  1. The season in which the individual was bred . So, for example, autumn bees live longer than spring ones.
  2. Activity during the period of honey collection . The more they collect, the more they are exhausted. Physically tired insects do not live long.
  3. Family size . If there are a lot of young animals, they need to be fed intensely. Insects are overworked, which is why they live less.
  4. Ecological situation on the territory of breeding . In favorable regions, insects live longer.
  5. Diseases and pests . In the hive, for various reasons, infectious diseases or pests can occur. A weakened organism will not exist for long.
  6. The cleanliness of the hive . After wintering, the hive must be cleaned. The stool of insects remains on the walls, and these are conditions of unsanitary conditions. A dirty hive negatively affects the health of all individuals and reduces their lifespan.

Important! In addition to the harmful effects on insects, a dirty hive can become a breeding ground for infection.

How many bees live?

The main factor affecting the life of a bee is its role in the hive. Drones, working individuals and queens have different physical activity and danger level, on which the duration of existence depends.

How long does a drone live?

Drones depend on females. They do not work and are constantly in the hive. Among their duties is the fertilization of the uterus. Drones are born in May. After 12-14 days, they are ready to fertilize the females. Even during the struggle for the female or after intercourse, many males die.

The individuals that survive remain with the honeybirds. By autumn they are driven out of the hive. Males mostly die from frost and lack of food. In some breeds, drones winter with females. Sometimes they experience colds in families where there are no queens or they are infertile. Thus, the drone's lifespan ranges from 3 to 6 months.

Life span of a working individual

Depending on living conditions and season, honey bees live from 1 month to 1 year.

Professional beekeepers call the following dates:

  • those born from March to October live 28–35 days;
  • bred in September-October, live 80-100 days;
  • the brood lasts from November to February - up to 180 days;
  • in infertile families, workers can live up to 1 year.
Did you know? Wild bees live longer than domestic ones. The uterus can live up to 8 years, and working individuals - 100-200 days.

Uterine Life

Uterus live from 2 to 5 years. Honey specimens and drones protect it from the harmful effects of the external environment. The only thing the main female is overworked is reproduction. Individuals that lay many eggs live less than others.

What time does a bee live after a bite?

The bees have a rough sting. This differs insects from wasps in which the sting is smooth. When bitten, the sting gets stuck in the skin. Together with him remain parts of the internal organs. After this, the insect cannot live long. According to scientists, death occurs in the period from 5 to 100 hours.

Drones, melliferous females and uterus live at different times. The main factor in their life expectancy is caring for the hive and maintaining the necessary standards. A competent beekeeper will definitely have a profitable and healthy apiary.

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