Autumn Raspberry Planting: A Step-by-Step Guide, Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone loves delicious raspberries - both adults and children. But only experienced gardeners know that it is best to plant seedlings of this plant in the fall. It is then, in favorable climatic conditions, that they are best taken root. So when and how to plant raspberries: autumn or spring? Read the answer below.

When is it better to plant raspberries: in autumn or spring, in which month

If you decide to grow raspberries, it is best to listen to experienced gardeners. And they all recommend starting the process of planting seedlings in the autumn period. This is the best time to start growing this crop. If you choose the right month for planting shrubs, then young plants will have time to grow roots, gain ground juices. Thanks to this, your raspberries will easily survive even the most severe frosts and will be able to please new berries next summer.

If you plant raspberries in the spring, then you will lose the year of development of the plant and you can get berries only next summer. It is best to choose the time of planting this plant a period of a steady decrease in daily temperature. This is usually September or October. Before planting, you need to familiarize yourself with the gardener's calendar and view the long-term weather forecast for the autumn period. As the temperature curve creeps down - boldly plant a bush.

Important! In autumn, plants that are not adapted for winter cannot be planted; they can die from frost.

Landing time

In order for the plant to take root well, it is necessary to clearly know when the required period for planting begins. For this, gardeners use different methods for determining the timing of planting.

By region

It goes without saying that in the regions of Russia, colds come at different times. And it depends on the region when it is possible to start planting raspberry seedlings. If you live in the Middle lane, then the bush needs to be planted in early September, and this work needs to be completed before the end of the month.

If you are a resident of the Volga region or the Moscow region, then the same terms are relevant to you as the ones indicated above. People living in Siberia or the Urals need to start planting at the end of summer, having managed to complete it before mid-September. This is due to the fact that in this region the time of cold weather comes much earlier than in other regions.

Consider the weather conditions of this period. If the end of summer and the beginning of autumn are cold and rainy, then it is better to postpone the planting of raspberries in the spring, having prepared the appropriate varieties of shrubs. If you are a resident of the sunny south, then you can plant raspberries until the very end of October, the weather of your region allows it.

According to the lunar calendar

If you are a fan of the lunar calendar, you should familiarize yourself with his suggestions. This calendar clearly spells out all the days and months when you can perform certain actions with plants, including planting raspberries.

So, the lunar calendar of 2019 says that the most successful dates for planting seedlings are August 21-22, September 1-4, 7-9, September 17-19 . On other days, planting in raspberries is better not to do.

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Advantages and disadvantages of autumn planting

Experienced gardeners and specialists in industrial plant cultivation believe that the beginning of the autumn period is the most optimal time for planting raspberry shrubs.

  • The advantage of this is:
  • There is no heat at this time, and the humidity becomes much higher, the temperature is not high at night. It is this combination of weather conditions that is optimal for the confident rooting of seedlings.
  • In the autumn period, all nutrient juices are located in the cuttings of the plant. If you plant a seedling, then all the forces of the plant will begin to go to the formation of roots. This will allow the young shrub to successfully survive the cold winter.
  • In the fall, a large number of seedlings are sold, the gardener can easily choose the desired plant.
  • Autumn work on caring for a young shrub is not complicated and does not require excessive effort.
  • If plants are planted in the fall, they take root well and survive the winter cold.

Terms, Features

To successfully plant raspberries in the fall without errors, you need to observe the following conditions:

  • plant annual plants with a good root system. The length of the roots should be at least 10 cm;
  • raspberries need to be planted in pre-prepared pits. The soil of the hole should be suitable for this plant variety;
  • it is necessary to select a well-lit area for the raspberry. Planting area should be calm;
  • it is necessary to observe the temperature regime so that the air is warmed up by no more than 10-15 degrees;
  • raspberry seedlings should be pruned, the length of the cuttings should not exceed 25 cm;
  • the bush needs to be watered, a bucket of water leaves for each plant, immediately after planting, then, within 3 days from the time of planting, it is necessary to spray the leaves of the seedling with water;
  • at the end of the planting, you need to mulch using peat, chopped straw or sawdust. This action will protect the young and delicate roots of the plant from the cold winter;
  • after planting a seedling, you need to easily pull it, checking the quality of work. If the bush succumbed to your effort, it is better to transplant it.

Important! Plant plants no later than 30 days before frost. During this time, the plant will have time to adapt.

How to plant: step by step instructions

To successfully plant raspberries, you must adhere to a clear algorithm of action. Otherwise, the plants may not withstand prolonged and cold winter cold.

What should be a seedling

The selection of seedlings must be approached very seriously. A selection error can lead to the death of a raspberry.

  1. The root system of a young shrub should be healthy and developed, without damage and rotten areas.
  2. On the roots should be a large number of sleeping root buds.
  3. On the seedling should be at least three stems.
  4. There should not be any visible damage to the bush.
  5. The color of the stems should be woody.
  6. The diameter of the seedling should be about 1 cm in thickness.

Important! Long stems must be cut to 25 centimeters long.

Landing place

Before organizing your raspberry, correctly select its location. The site should receive a sufficient amount of sun, but the rays of the sun should not be direct, but scattered. If you plant plants in the shade, then a large crop will not work.

Also, the place for the bush should be well protected from the wind. This is done so that the winter movements of cold air do not freeze the young root system. Spring wind can also damage young raspberry leaves.

Soil requirements

Choose a site for your raspberry with a sufficiently fertile soil. Important minerals such as nitrogen and phosphorus must be present in the soil, and potassium and calcium salts must be present. Otherwise, the leaves of the shrub will not be green enough, because of this the photosynthesis process will not be complete. According to its structure, raspberry soil should be sandy or loamy.

Site preparation

Before you start the process of planting raspberries, you need to carefully prepare the site.

To do this, do the following:

  • dig up the soil where raspberries will be planted, the depth of cultivation should be at least 30 cm;
  • weed the ground by removing all weeds and foreign objects such as glass and plastic bottles, boards or stones;
  • level the excavated earth using a rake.

Important! Choose a site with good moisture drainage, this will prevent the roots of plants from decaying.

Landing methods

There are two types of planting of raspberry seedlings, which are discussed in detail below.


When using this method of planting raspberries, you do not need to fertilize the soil first.

You must do the following:

  1. 15-20 days before the planting of seedlings, you need to prepare pits with a depth of 30 cm and the same diameter.
  2. 5 kg of compost should be put in each well.
  3. Immediately at the time of planting, the following mineral fertilizers should be added to the wells - 10 g of potassium sulfate, 250 g of ash, 20 g of superphosphate fertilizer.
  4. Half of the excavated soil must be mixed with mineral fertilizers and laid out on the bottom of the hole, half filled.
  5. Then place the young seedling in the hole, straightening its root system.
  6. In the process of sprinkling the roots with the soil, it is necessary to shake the seedling a little, so the air is forced out of the root zone.


When landing in a trench way, perform the following algorithm of actions:

  1. It is necessary to dig a trench, a width of half a meter, a depth of 40 cm.
  2. The distance between plants should be about 40 cm.
  3. At the bottom of the trench a rotten tree is placed. A layer of humus is laid out on it, you need to take 7 kg per 1 sq.m.
  4. As a starting fertilizer, the above mineral components are taken.
  5. Top you need to fill the trench with a good and fertile black soil.

Care Features

It’s not enough to plant raspberries, you still need to take care of it. To begin, tamp the soil around the plants. This must be done in order to squeeze the air out of the root zone and make the soil denser. Watering plants is necessary, this must be done when the soil in the raspberry dries. If raspberries are not watered, the amount of nutrients in the stems and roots may not reach the required level.

We offer you to get acquainted with the features of planting strawberries in the open ground, and also find out when it is better to plant grapes.


After the root system is formed, begin to prepare a young shrub for a long winter. To do this, mulch the roots using sawdust or peat. Do not use fallen leaves for the mulching process. Garden parasites that harm raspberries can live in them.

Winter preparations

If the winters in the region are cold, then a kind of greenhouse above the raspberry should be made. It is made of a frame covered with polyethylene. This design will help plants survive easier in harsh winter time. Upon arrival of spring, this structure should be dismantled.

As you can see, autumn planting of raspberries and subsequent care are not at all complicated. Even a beginner gardener can cope with it. If you follow all the points of the above manual, then next summer the plants will delight you with a fresh harvest of sweet red berries.

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